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Recap - M 2008

Posted by Valerie / November 24, 2008

Woodhands - Studio Juste Pour Rire - November 21

Thursday night:
Even if not that many people attended, it was still a great evening. Duchess Says were the ones who definitely stole the show with their usual party tricks and their unforgettable energy. Although I’m not a fan, I must admit The National Parcs got the audience very intrigued with their unique style. I enjoyed watching their video footage for the first time.

Arkells – Cabaret Juste Pour Rire – November 21

Les Dales Hawerchuk had to break the ice and play first, but it didn’t seem to be a problem for them. In between their pure Quebecois rock’n’roll songs, Les Dales were chit-chatting with the crowd in a broken – but charming – English. They were actually the only band throughout the whole M event who decided to drop the French.
Beast – Cabaret Juste Pour Rire – November 21

The big disappointment of the night was probably Lioness, who have a talented singer but no originality at all. Other Toronto folks Sweet Thing were luckier with the audience as they were able to charm with their sweet melodic indie-rock and their beautiful vocal harmonies.
Also present on Thursday: Pas Chic Chic, who unfortunately had many technical problems on stage.
Beast – Cabaret Juste Pour Rire – November 21

Friday night:
Contrary to the previous night, the Friday show was sold out. Most attendees seemed to be there for Beast and Winter Gloves. My personal favorites were Woodhands:

Under Attack

I Wasn’t Made For Fighting


Chinatown – Studio Juste Pour Rire – November 21

Chinatown were just as good as they usually are and opened up the evening on a light and fun note. I wasn’t too impressed with Arkells : they were good but would have fitted better at the Sam Roberts / The Stills show going on at La Tulipe on the same night.
Chinatown – Studio Juste Pour Rire - November 21

CLASS – Cabaret Juste Pour Rire – November 21

Finally, anyone who likes We Are Wolves and club music had a blast during CLAASS. As if this wasn’t enough, a free Misteur Valaire show went on right after. Everyone was dancing to their musical blend of hip hop, electro and jazz. From what I heard through the grapevine, many international delegates were impressed with them. Congrats!
Misteur Valaire – Studio Juste Pour Rire – November 22

Saturday afternoon:

Cliché Hot

Due to conflicts in schedule, I wasn’t able to catch Colin Munroe or Red Mass.
Gatineau – Foufounes Electriques – November 22

I assume afternoon shows are not very popular amongst music fans in Montreal since there were definitely not a lot of people at Foufs. Radio Radio and Gatineau weren’t affected by the lack of enthusiasm in the room and went on with their usually energetic performances. Gatineau even brought on stage guest and Montreal superstar Giselle Numba One.
Gatineau and Giselle Numba One – Foufounes Electriques – November 22

Saturday night:
Lots of people came to Metropolis for the big closure show, but most of them were just talking during Coeur de Pirate. Maybe they were bored, maybe they were too excited to see the other bands, but it didn’t seem to please her all that much.
Winter Gloves – Studio Juste Pour Rire – Noember 22

Karkwa went on next. They’re not my favorite band out there, but I think they’re way better live than on CD. Some guys next to me were on E during their set, so that was even more entertaining.

The band I couldn’t wait to see was We Are Wolves who rocked everyone’s face, as usual:

Fight & Kiss intro

Pierre Lapointe was next and he chose to play his new material for the occasion. His stage presence is phenomenal because of his acting background, and his charisma is quite unique.

In between every artists, Jon Lajoie showed some of his videos and did parts of his one-man show “Live As Fuck” he presented at La Tulipe a few months ago. He also played a few of his now famous songs ("Show Me Your Genitals", "Too Fast"), but when it came time for improvisation, Jon Lajoie wasn’t quite in his element. Still, I’m pretty sure he made many new fans at Metropolis that night.

2 Girls 1 Cup Song

2 Girls 1 Cup Song

M for Montreal 2008 was overall a success, not only because of all the fans that came to support their favorite bands, but also because the M staff was very well organized. I forgot to mention: props to MC Gilles for hosting the first three showcases.
Woodhands – Studio Juste Pour Rire – November 21



Harold / November 25, 2008 at 09:03 am
Il faut que j'avoue que j'ai vraiment trouvé dommage le fait que tout le monde parle pendant coeur de pirate... Non seulement elle était seule sur la scène, mais sa musique nécessite un peu de silence pour l'apprécier. La magie a été entravée!
Harold / November 25, 2008 at 09:05 am
Nice review by the way!
Jer / November 25, 2008 at 09:06 am
Holy smokes Val. That's a ton of footage. I feel like I was there.

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