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The Acorn and Ohbijou @ Sala Rossa - November 28th

Posted by Sarah / November 29, 2008

The Acorn OhbijouLast time I saw The Acorn play live, it was in the tiny St-Hubert ave. venue, Zoobizarre with Torngat. That show is actually what lead me to write for Midnight Poutine. That was a surprisingly great show. Since then, The Acorn has been touring non-stop and headlining festivals all over the place. In barely a year, their career has immensely improved, and it really shows in the live show I've seen last night.

The Acorn is currently finishing up a tour with Ohbijou, who is also a fantastic band. Apparently they had a lot of fun touring together and even put out a 7 inch where they cover each others songs. Unfortunately, the record has sold out. However, last night the crowd got a chance to see a bit of what it sounded like since the lead singer of The Acorn got on stage for one of Ohbijou's songs.

Ohbijou AcornOhbijou is a truly enchanting band. I find they sound a lot like the Forest City Lovers, which is far from a bad thing. One of the main differences between the two I'd say is the lyrical content. Whereas Forest City Lovers' lyrics tend to be more like storytelling, Ohbijou writes songs that feel more personal. Their name is very fitting since their sound is so precious and rich. Ohbjou's singer's voice is similar, but with more play on vibratos and "smaller" in a very cute way. They also have a cello player in their band which enhances the sound beautifully. Honestly, it's almost impossible to take a bad picture of the band since they're just so gorgeous and beautiful to watch.Their songs were a little bit changed from the recordings but still captured the emotion in a very vivid and graceful manner.

Like I was saying before, the Acorn's live performances have greatly improved, though they were pretty great to begin with. Constant touring has made them very tight together and I noticed a significant improvement on the percussion side as well as with the supporting vocals. They've changed things up a bit, adding in different instruments and letting themselves go into a bit of improvisation. They're a very fun band to see since their live show is energetic and full of good humor.

Though their guitar player was telling me that they were taking it easy last night after a particularly wild performance at the Tavern in Toronto the night before, I didn't feel that they gave any less than 100% of their game. There was a few hicups, and I felt the keyboards weren't sometimes all they could've been, but nothing really noticeable to speak of.

Altogether it was a great show that finished with all members of both bands on stage performing the final song (pictured in the first photo). It was a very joyful moment that I think represented very well how much fun the two bands had touring together.

Photos by SarahBrideau.com

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