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Thunderheist, Obscene Kidz - Lambi - Nov. 15

Posted by Valerie / November 20, 2008

The Toronto-Montreal duo Thunderheist are the best people to rely on when you’re in need of an extremely high dosage of dancing. Even kids, grandmas, and those with broken lower-body parts would have no choice but to move their booty once Thunerheist take over the stage. This is why Club Lambi was completely hot, humid, and sold out last week for what was an unforgettable party.

Of course, dancefloor music always gets a bit repetitive after a while, but Thunderheist have everything on hand to make it enjoyable. They have Isis, the young MC who has a great attitude, a sensual voice, and of course, rips the mic with a top notch flow. Then there is Grahm Zilla, the Montreal DJ who runs the 80s and 90s influenced beats, also sampling tracks from artists like TTC, The Knife, and Eurythmics. Together, they show obvious chemistry on stage and both have the same precise mission: to make everybody party. My camera wasn’t able to bare the intense humidity, but here is the only image I could capture:


Because Lambi doesn’t have the best sound equipment in town, it was hard to appreciate certain textures, like the killer bass in "Jerk It". Another disappointment was the lack of an encore, and the length of their set was too short – I could have used a lot more dancing! Lucky me, I’ll soon be able to continue the mad dancing at home with Thunderheist’s upcoming album scheduled to be out on Big Dada, sister label of Ninja Tune.

The opening act, Obscene Kidz, are five guys on stage who look like this:

And sound like this:

They’re young, inexperienced, and seem to be highly inspired by Omnikrom. There’s already a big buzz for their track “Chiller dans les clubs”, and I’m really curious to see where this is going. Until their first album comes out next February, you might find Obscene Kidz chilling in the club, obscenely drinking Orangina like they did on stage at Lambi.

Main photo taken from the band's MySpace page.



Skat / November 26, 2008 at 03:21 pm
They’re young, inexperienced, and seem to be highly inspired by Omnikrom!!

toi tu connais rien et on ressemble pas a ca du tout imbécile!!!
tes allé chercher une photo dans les archives pour essayer de nous faire passer pour des ptits con!!!

first we are probably older than you and secondly we know exactly what we're doing instead of you who wrote bullshits, next time come say that in front of us and we'll talk about music!!

now go killyourself dumb ass!!
sofia / December 2, 2008 at 10:35 am
hahahaha croth much! you put the pic up you crazy person! :P

skat, tu appuies l'article ci-haut avec ton commentaire jeune et stupide. ne viens pas dire que tu es une personne minimalement intelligente après avoir écrit une réponse comme ça. 'go kill yourself dumb ass'??

l'article écrit représente exactement ce que la crowd qui ne venait pas de laval et qui était majeure pensait de vous. de vrais wannabe ttc/omnikron.

j'aime ttc et j'ai un problème avec omnikron, mais ça ne change pas le fait que leur image et leur musique est originale et c'est pourquoi ils en sont venus à faire de si belles collabos.

de votre côté, quelles genres de collabo voulez-vous faire si vous ressemblez à tout ce qui existe déjà.
Basant / February 4, 2015 at 12:53 am
Sorry to be snarky, but I feel like we shuodlnt call these older women cute. Its infantilizing and demeaning in a way and holy crap look at what theyve lived through just to make these amazing plates of food! As I personall ythink about aging I struggle with the idea that someone might call me cute or little or other such words because what if that is not my identity?! I think since we take identity and personal descriptors so seriously around here we should just be careful not to isolate or alienate other demographics. Also, Im sure that wasn't the intent at all, this is just a common cultural pet peeve for me. Age sensitivity and age integration are so important! 0
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