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"We're Stars from MTL and we live around the corner!"

Posted by Goran / November 30, 2008


Stars' breathtaking performance at the Metropolis last Friday was significant in the most general and ambiguous sense of the term. This show, as a break from MTL indie monotony, embodied individual meaning for all involved parties: Stars and fans alike. The capacity crowd arrived aroused, but no more and no less than the performers themselves. It was a damp evening: clearly Montreal was happy to have Stars back in town.

To the MTL indie scene...
Apparently indie pop can be both profound and professional. Stars demonstrated that a clean-cut look and world class musicianship are not lame. In fact, you don't need to be a faddy duo with tight jeans, bad haircuts, and a couple of synths operating on premises that will be obsolete by next weekend to be considered indie. Arts & Crafts is still oozing indie cred, and even the CEO of what's scene in our town noted that a past Stars show induced "if it can be said without sounding like a knob - transcendence". Fortunately, I don't mind sounding like a knob and am frankly rather accustomed to it - I was in bloody heaven.

To the oh-so-sophisticated ear drum...
Their "melodramatic popular songs" are sensual compositions that carefully and effectively consider the symbiotic relationship between lyric and note. Tracks are meticulously packaged in recorded format and flawlessly delivered in vivo. The Sad Robots EP, their eighth release, brings back memories of falling in love with Hearts, becoming consumed and infatuated when you Set Yourself on Fire and realizing you're in it for the long haul In Our Bedroom After the War. The set list justly reflected the best of the above and it all sounded so lovely. Closing my eyes and consuming myself in the sumptuous and dynamic symphonies fully satisfied my craving for great live music. Although I was entranced for the duration of the show, and would love to read about your most memorable moments in the comment boxes below, I was thoroughly impressed by Torquil's mouth organ solos and his Jackson/Prince-esque falsetto in the Ghost of Genova Heights.


To the eyes (a window to the soul)...
The stage resembled a picturesque flower shop that exclusively deals in lush long-stemmed roses of the red and white variety. It was fit for the hordes of lovely couples that came out for a couple of hours of spooning and necking. Something about the atmosphere made everyone look gorgeous. And though they may never make the cover of Vogue, Campbell and Millan's sultry vocals and sexy movements were so hot that I even envisioned them in the next Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition. In sync with the musical dynamics, the stage lights produced spectacular visuals. Roses were launched deep into the audience. Those lucky enough to catch one seemed struck by cupid's arrow while those less fortunate struggled in restraining themselves from producing the icy stare of a jealous ex that didn't expect you to show up to the party. Yes, the musty stench of romance filled the air, stung my eyes, and intoxicated the soul.

To the libido (Take off that dress. You won't freeze.)...
Clearly everyone expected a romantic show. Stars have a knack for capturing all your mushiest feelings in song. What's even more amazing is that you tend to realize a deeper understanding of your sentiments when they sing them back to you. And there is something very sexy about an artist that you haven't even slept with understanding your most intimate and romantic thoughts. They're not physically attractive, but they can't hide their sex appeal either. It may have been bitter for the lonely singles in the crowd when Torquil proclaimed MTL as "the best city for getting laid", but the statement was generally met with thunderous applause. A co-loc once made the claim that, "the easiest girls to pick up are those who have just come back from a Stars show without a significant other," and there may be some truth in that. Perhaps it's because they end their shows with what I believe is one of the sexiest songs ever written: One More Night.

To a preemptively nostalgic poutiner...
Yep... it's been real. And since my first days in MTL, Stars have provided me with a vibrant and vivid soundtrack. When I hear Soft Revolution, I picture Mount Royal covered in glistening snow as speeding cars on Pine spray slush into my face. What I'm trying to say is that all you St. Laurent kids look so good in the clothes of a poser, and I'm going to miss you all. In the same way that their albums laced my time here with beautiful song, surrounded by close friends and awesome Montrealers at the Metropolis, the Stars performance provided bittersweet closure to a unforgettable few years in this magical town.

Now for the cheese...
Thank you friends, poutiners, and Montreal lovers. It's been a blast. Without having to say "I love you," you are all brilliant stars in my sky.

"I'm not sorry I met you, I'm not sorry it's over, I'm not sorry there's nothing to say."

Photos from flickr users blurasis and kronick_



O / November 30, 2008 at 10:11 pm
Even when you're breaking our hearts, you still write like a tease.
Mimi / February 4, 2015 at 07:40 am
oct12Me9lissa Mon resto pre9fe9re9 du moment est sans crotnedit le El Zaziummm sur Laurier. Simple, festif e0 souhait, un de9cor renversant et tellement accueillant. Et la bouffe est vraiment bonne! c0 de9couvrir ou e0 revisiter.
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