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MTL High Lights Festival Feat. Thievery Corporation (Sun. Feb. 22 @ Metropolis)

Posted by Goran / February 19, 2009

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Their name may come off a tad redundant at a time when general consumer confidence regards the differences between corporations and thieves as mere nuanced subtleties. This D.C. DJ duo clearly embodies both elements of its clever pseudonym. They're set to jam-out at the Metropolis this Sunday as a part of the MTL High Lights Festival.

Touring in support of their 6th EP, the corporation has produced a steady and efficient output. While their creative formula remains unaltered, the thieves constantly push the boundaries of musical originality; taking an existing beat, mashing it up with an ethnic melody, adding catchy dub-plate vocal tracks, and layering it all with lush synth effect. The product is a dubbed acid-jazzy lougey house, ideal for chillin' at home and spooning sessions with your significant other. Although each element of every track they've produced exists in prior art, the finished goods can be seen as both fresh and creative.

If you haven't heard of them, you've surely heard them. The sexy and groovey Lebanese Blonde was perhaps one of the catchier tracks on the Zach Braff-compiled Garden State soundtrack. Given the nature of their music, Thievery Corporation has likely gained a greater level of notoriety in the Euro-land than in their native U.S. In fact, after hearing them, one would never imagine a connection with D.C. (surly not the one of the past 2 terms). Lebanese Blonde is a standard indication of the goodwill attached to their wares. If you substitute the oriental sitar melody with another foreign sound of choice (i.e. Latin brass and percussion), and replace loungey singing with any other form of trans-ethno-linguistic vocal/lyrical expression (i.e. a Bjork-like ambient voice), you have already written yourself a Thievery Corporation tune.

With tickets selling for almost 50 bucks a pop, it would seem that these greedy CEO's are also not interested in passing up their corporate bonuses. They're likely to put on a great show with a high quality sound, but given the potential for predictability, it's hard to say whether it will be enough of a bang for your recessionary buck. Additional selling points include homegrown openers Jah Cutta and the Determination Band, the assurance that TC's 15-piece orchestra will not allow the gig to degenerate into a monotonous DJ set, and plenty of shakin' booties.

Photo from myspace.com/thieverycorporation

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