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My Musical Valentine

Posted by Jer / February 16, 2009

MP photographer and correspondent Niki Hyde was out and about this Valentine's day weekend, looking for love in audio form. Here's a quick recap of two of this past weekend's hotly anticipated events, written by her and posted by me

After what’s been a fairly brutal winter thus far, our fair city (and its inhabitants) gussied themselves up for a weekend d’amour. I’m admittedly not the world’s biggest fan of Valentine’s day. So for my weekend plans I wanted to head as far away as possible from overpriced prix-fixe restaturants and anything that involved roses or the color pink. I headed over to Les Saints to check out the Ruby Coast/Winter gloves show. I’d seen Winter Gloves a few weeks ago at Jupiter and was impressed and had heard some good things about their Aurora-born openers.

20090216val4t.jpg Ruby Coast got the night started on a rocky note with their so-close-to-Los Campesions-its-painful brand of upbeat dissonance. Nothing against the ‘Coast, they put on a good show, but their sound is a tad tired. Luckily the dashing lads of Winter Gloves redeemed the evening, playing a nice goodbye set to a fairly packed Les Saints –they’re heading out cross Canada in the next few weeks to support Thunderheist— with bits off their celebrated debut About a Girl.

Winter Gloves is getting a healthy amount of attention right now and fairly deservedly so. Although their formula may not be drastically altering the face of mainstream music, it does pack one hell of a pop punch. Frontman Charles F.’s brand of seductive synth rock provided ample dance material for both the loved and unloved in the final hours of Valentine’s eve. Bandmates Vincent Chalifour, Patrick Sayers, Jean-Michel Pigeon mixed some new and old material, consistently keeping the energy up and the vibe contagious. For the final song the guys invited a few fans/friends onstage to join them, tossing tambourines as tokens of affection


Following a Friday that doubtless left them hot n’ bothered, the singletons descended upon Gymnase for the We Blast Out party.

20090216val2t.jpg The venue was decked out in full Valentines regalia: red balloons, cardboard hearts and red-christmas lights giving the whole place a very high school-dance feel complete with couples covertly making out in many darkened corners throughout. DJ FunkyFalz provided sonic foreplay, playing to a mostly empty dance-floor that filled up throughout the set. He was followed by the high-energy Obscene Kidz who played lukewarm hip-hop for the 450 crowd.

Despite their constant entreaties to the crowd to “Dance!”, their warmed over mix of mainstream hip-hop and more hardcore rap failed to get the crowd moving. It took DJ Cherry-Cola’s blend of popular indie and dance to bring out the bump and grinders looking for some last-minute Valentine’s day nookie.

all photos by niki hyde



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