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The Virgins, Lissy Trullie and Anya Marina - Les Saints - Feb 6

Posted by Valerie / February 8, 2009

The bill started off with San Diego singer-songwriter Anya Marina who played a mostly acoustic set in front of an uninterested audience. Her soft voice and sexy-quiet tunes didn’t really fit into the much rockier theme of the evening, and so her performance didn’t get noticed at all. Unfortunately, considering the sound quality of Les Saints, no one could really tell the difference between Anya Marina playing and just some background music.

Then was Lissy Trullie, the New York City hipster accompanied by her band. When I first looked at Lissy Trulie, I thought her “concept” was perfect - she’s got the body of a model, trendy looks, a 60s vibe, a boyish voice, and the guitar skills she got from playing since she was a kid.

However, the result is far from satisfying. Lissy Trullie’s live singing is questionable, her songs are plainly written, and her overall stage charisma was disappointing. The only good song she played was a cover of Hot Chip’s “Ready for the Floor”. Lissy Trullie has only put out an EP so far, perhaps there is still hope for her to work harder on the songwriting for her first full length album. To be continued...

Not having been too impressed with the opening acts, I knew The Virgins would really kick off the show - and they did it perfectly. Even if some might think The Virgins sound a little generic on CD, their music certainly reaches a whole other level when performed live. The three-piece band invited two more musicians on stage to increase the energy and make all the high-school girls who heard them on “Gossip Girl” go crazy.

The candy-coated, upbeat indie-rock tunes of their self-titled album sure made everyone have a little dance party, but what’s to be remembered is how the groupies constantly went out of control, i.e.: jumping on stage and screaming the band members’ names as they were playing. Kind of annoying but kind of funny at the same time.

Photo taken from the band’s MySpace page

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