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C'mon C'mon

Posted by Ralph / May 12, 2009

Cmon RocksRalph Elwani is new to Team Poutine, but well-versed in this city's musical goings on. He was at Il Motore this past Friday to take in the C'mon gig, with Pride Tiger and Mantle of Atlas supporting. Here's his rundown. More from Ralph soon.

In a duet with Marva Whitney, the godfather of soul once sang: "if you don't work, you can't eat". Unlike legions of well-off youngsters who grew up on bad fm radio and Much Music - and then unfortunately formed bands - Toronto/New Orleans-based C'mon lives up to James Brown's adage 100%. And Friday night at Il Motore, they reaped just what they sowed.

The intensely prolific threesome, who spent their Christmas vacation touring Europe like mad (18 shows in 19 days), delivered a perfect mix of Black Flag, Crime and ZZ Top. Local openers Mantle of Atlas kicked off the show with a big-muff-never-ending-reverb-Sabbath-Neurosis-influenced sound that served as an ideal soundtrack for a night of head banging.

Up next, Vancouver's EMI ponies Pride Tiger, delivered what could be described as a Thin Lizzy/Kiss take on punk rock. To be honest, their set kind of came off like a fart in an elevator: it makes you smile but it's still awkward. It wasn't so much their attitude or their performance, but their slick (almost overpolished) 70's mainstream hard rock sound draped in vintage organ was ultimately eclipsed by the dirty Detroit-ish sound of C'mon.

As C'mon set up to play, the crowd - who had lost their inhibitions hours ago - suddenly grew bigger and bigger in front of the stage. The band tore into their set, with all three musicians offering copious amounts of raw power. Here's hoping they can bottle that energy as they embark on a (another) studio session in Vancouver with Daryl Smith (Sloan, Goodspeed).

Anybody interested in C'mon MUST pick up their new 7" Peaches' Bathroom. And if anyone is wondering about the lyrics of the title track (I got laid in Peaches' bathroom, while she slept in her bed, we fucked away the pain), C'mon's bassist Katie Lynn Campbell assured me the whole thing is only partly true.

photo by Ralph Elwani

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