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Priestess @ Il Motore, May 29 & Tonight

Posted by Greg / May 30, 2009

200905230-Priestess.jpgI'm a little embarrassed to admit that last night was my first metal concert. Unlike every other male in the world, I never went through a metal "phase" during my musical development, not even as an angsty, suburban, guitar-playing teenager. This was not my own choice, however. The very first CDs I wanted to buy were metal albums - Master of Puppets by Metallica and Paranoid by Black Sabbath - but my mother wouldn't let me, concerned that the material was too explicit and dangerous for a nine-year-old. By the time I could buy whatever albums I wanted, I had lost my interest in Metal, and didn't look back until recently.

This is why metal has always seemed a little dangerous and foreign to me. On some level it still feels like music that's off-limits; music that will turn me into a Satan worshipper if I listen too closely. This does not reduce its cache. But on a more objective level, there are also just a ton of amazing metal bands out there, and Priestess is one of them.

Priestess are the first metal band I got into after moving past the classics like Metallica and Sabbath. Their connection with the latter is especially obvious - their songs are melodic, they swing a little, and seem to have the blues buried deep within their core. I had also seen lead singer and guitarist, Mikey Heppner, around my neighborhood for the past few years, doing completely normal, everyday, non-metal things, and was always curious to find out what he was like onstage.

So last night, I finally saw them, and was totally blown away. Their show was song after song of unrestrained, no-bullshit, awe-inspiring metal. They spoke to everything I like in music - original song writing, intense performance, and stellar musicianship. It was also a thrill seeing them in their hometown, with an audience obviously filled with close friends.

They play again tonight at Il Motore. I highly advise anyone looking for a memorable concert, metal lover or not, to check it out.

Photo via the band's myspace page



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