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The Outdoors Club: Ask Someone? Well, I'm asking THE WORLD!

Posted by Greg / May 1, 2009

20090501-WaxMannequin.jpgIt's midnight on May 1. Technically morning. Outside it's raining, but that doesn't bother me. I'm 22 hours away from one of the best concerts of the season - Museum Pieces, Mixylodian, Silly Kissers, Wax Mannequin, and Girl Guides. I have my press ticket lined up and everything. There's just one problem: no one knows where the venue is.

I flipped through the bands' MySpace pages and they were all sketchy on the location: some said "TBA," others were blank. On Wax Mannequin's website I found The Outdoors Club, which I had never heard of before. Must be new, right? I hit google, because it knows everything, and I kept finding the venue name, with no location, or actual outdoors clubs (for hiking and fishing with like-minded individuals). Then the Pop Montreal website presented me with the most cryptic and mysterious answer of all: "The Outdoors Club, ask someone." Shock, awe. Looks like I've stumbled across a mystery. An indie-rock caper, if you will.

Ask someone? Well, who better to ask than my editor? Especially when my editor is Jeremy Morris, the guy who clued me into the show in the first place via the Montreal Weekend Playlist. Of course he would know! Well, he didn't, and neither did this week's co-host, Risa Dickens.

Now I'm putting it to the world: does anyone know where this concert is happening? And beyond that, does anyone know anything about The Outdoors Club? What kind of space is it? Is it new? Is it actually outdoors? That could be really nice if the rain clears up.

Leave tips in the comments section below. Check back for updates and (hopefully) a show review. We can solve this indie-rock caper, world. I believe in us. We sent a man to the moon!

I'll start by putting the show poster below. Maybe there's some hidden message in Sanskrit or whatever.

Photo via Wax Mannequin's MySpace page



Gabriel / May 1, 2009 at 07:36 am
Found it!

5550 De Gaspé, (@St-Viateur), suite 200

Feast of Strength, has a myspace page, and the show is listed there...;friendid=142503974&Band_Show_ID=38537766
Greg / May 1, 2009 at 10:42 am
Good work! Don't know why I missed that - my search for "feats of strength" just turned up a lot of Seinfeld references and angry people.

I'm still wondering, though, what is this place? Why the secrecy?

Will it really be there, or will this just turn into the middle segment from Mulhollond Dr.?
Hilary Putnam / May 1, 2009 at 11:17 am
Wait wait! I just had a BRILLIANT idea: next time I need to promote a show, I should replicate exactly this situation:

Phase 1) get some good, if very 'hip' (not tragically), bands together for a show at a venue NO ONE knows and, for all intents and purposes, doesn't exist.

Phase 2) Sit back and chuckle as the word-of-mouth chatter about where the venue is does the promotion for me.

Phase 3) Release the venue information over the internet 24 hours in advance, assuring that all who want to come, can.

Phase 4) Leveraging my new-found notoriety, try to sleep with that non-prescription-glasses-wearing, flannel-shirt-strutting, meticulously-unkempt-hair-styling, sketch-pad-scribbling, concordia/uqam arts girl that goes to all those shows at Friendship Co... errr... I mean "the Outdoors Club". You know the one, she lives in Mile End.

It can't fail! I don't know why no one thought of this before me!
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