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Choicest show tonight? An Horse, of course

Posted by Paloma / June 11, 2009

Since they last played Montreal, Australians An Horse performed at SXSW and on David Letterman. The Tegan and Sara-mentored duo have been peddling their infectious, playful and sincere album, Rearrange Beds, across North America and have slowly been gathering attention and accolades. Last time they were in town, I caught up with Kate and Damon, who confirmed what they posted on their Myspace blog--their belief that Canadians are "outrageously attractive and kind, gentle souls." "A couple blocks from here, we were nearly crashing the car at how attractive everyone was--for real," Damon said. This time they bring with them Telekinesis, a self-described minimalist act from Seattle, although from the video for "Awkward Kisser," hilarity might be a better way to describe them. Come on out and show off your innate, Montreal outrageous attractiveness/awkwardness.

An Horse with Telekinesis
Club Lambi
Thursday June 11, 8 p.m.

Photo by Sarah Bastin



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