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ELAN Presents: Your Music's Awesome! Now What?! @ Brutopia Tonight

Posted by Ralph / July 27, 2009

20090727-ELAN.jpgYou've probably heard of those "Secrets of a Millionaire Mind" books that every single used bookstore would dream getting rid of. Right?

See where I'm going? No!?

I see, that's because you're THAT kind of shop at thrift stores, have cheap meals at vegan coffeehouses, prefer vinyls to CDs and spend copious amounts of time arguing about the relevance of the last Sleet Toxes, Bravonettes, Phonic Youth, Gay Reatard or Pox Wolf on THAT messageboard which provides such an healthy environment for OUR scene to swim in.

You're probably also way above the "concept" of money and your indie band (a word you don't like using since it's been recontextualized by the Man after Kurt and cie burst out of the hole where they should've stayed...playing second rate Saccharine Trust etc etc) needs neither a guaranty nor a label to go play that punk house in Ouagadougou.

Fine. But what will you do the day daddy discovers you've been "ill-spending" your trust fund for the last 7 years ("but dad, I'm about to get my degree" i.e. double major in queer art history/eastern philosophy with a minor in fair trade coffee sipping)???

Where will your band get funding to print more pins and stickers?

Don't worry, I'll keep it simple: as soon as you're done uploading new pics on your facebook, ride your bike all the way down to 1219 Crescent Street (I know what you're about to say, but please, no jokes about drunken frat boys with no pants on....I mean, it's Brutopia...not that bad).

Now, take a seat (I said cut the crap, we all see through that lock of hair over your eyes)

Congratulations, you're now ready to be "educated" on funding, gigs, labels etc by panelists such as Shevaughn Battle (FACTOR), Dave Cool (St. Ambroise Sponsorship Program), Meyer Billurcu (BSTB),Mary Catherine Harris (Third Side Music) and Frank Opolko (CBC Radio 2)

And guess what? It's free ....i.e. you can spend all "your" money on (excellent) beer, get wasted and then go back home, unlearn all the precious info that you should have memorized and make an ass of yourself by reciting pseudo-Beat poetry, naked on your rooftop.

Tonight, Monday July 27th, 6-8pm
@ Brutopia Bistro, 1219 Crescent St.
RSVP to :

Photo via ELAN's website



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