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Nutsak : "Failed Musician" @ Divan Orange, July 2nd

Posted by Ralph / July 1, 2009

20090701-Nutsak.jpgPregunta: Why do grown up punk rockers into Johnny Cash suck so much? Answer: Precisely because they're grown up punk rockers who dig bugging us with their take on international politics and third rate spineless Billy Bragg-ish crap with no actual knowledge whatsoever to back up their irritating blabbering (unlike Bragg).

Question number two: Why do supergroups suck so much? Precisely because they're formed by notorious supermusicians full of themselves who need to pay the rent since they've moved out of mom's basement (think about this abomination of a band that has the nerve to (still) tour under the name "Misfits").

Now, why does Nutsak suck so much?

Well, they don't. They just don't!

Indeed, the mixed bag is comprised of current and ex members of notorious local acts such as Terminal Sunglasses (check out my Van Herk article for info on Og Records), The American Devices, Shalabi Effect, Land of Kush, Crackpot etc.

What's the deal with "grown up punk rockers" then? Well, let's just say that by listening to their new album Failed Musician, on Signed by Force, you get a taste of what intelligent grown up punk rockers should sound like (...who's to say...). I mean, everything is still there, except that it has been dipped in free jazz, noise and Motown.

Featuring crystal clear production by Jace Lacek at Breakglass studio, this album is (and you don't even know it) already on its way to your stereo.'ll be waiting for you like a pervert in a playground, tonight at Divan Orange.

Nutsak + Jérémi Mourand
live at Divan Orange
Tonight, July 2nd

Photo via Nutsak's myspace page.

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