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I'm on a (MEG) Boat

Posted by Valerie / August 5, 2009

boat.jpgI got in line a few minutes before the boat arrived at Quai Alexandra. I was pleased to notice how friendly and excited everyone around me was. Only a few people were allowed on the top deck for when the boat took off, and I was one of them!

I quickly noticed the Vitamin Water booth where I grabbed a few bottles of this addictive beverage. That's when the boat started moving and the music started pumping.

Just like last year, lots of security agents were spread out on the Cavalier-Maxim. Still, hundreds of boys and girls were shamelessly dancing and jumping up like they were possessed.

I got up close to see the Montreal electro DJ Mayday who ended up spinning after winning a competition held a few weeks ago. Her beats were pretty good and got the party started heavily.
dj.jpgThe three hours ride went by extremely fast, I took a moment to stop dancing for a bit and enjoy the view on the top deck. I made sure not to miss the main DJ, LA Riots (formerly known as Fools Gold) and went right up in front of the booth.

My earplugs saved me from serious ear damage, but I was expecting to hear more bass. However, the whole crowd was still having a wild blast when one of the boat staff came and straight up unplugged the speakers.

This abrupt ending got me worried someone would jump off while boarding like last year. Luckily, there were no such incidents and exiting the boat went smoothly.

Keeping up with the tradition, MEG Boat was a uniquely night of guaranteed fun and I can't wait for next year's!

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