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Osheaga 2009: A One-Line Review

Posted by Jenny / August 4, 2009

20090802_osheaga2009.jpg"Osheaga 2009 Coldplay" by saphire458.

Self-preservation is key at outdoor festivals. Rain ponchos, unstylish as they may be, become a must, while five-dollar pizza slices are the sole road to avoidance of an exhaustion-inflicted coma.

Thousands braved Mother Nature's mood swings to hit up day two of Osheaga 2009 last night, some protectively sporting rain boots with others literally rolling themselves in mud and splashing all those around them. It was gritty, damp, dirty - and impossibly fun.

A one-line review:

The Honey Brothers: a little sour, too much sweet.

The Beatnuts: looped.

Beast: deliciously carnal.

The Ting Tings: spicy, sexy, sunshiny.

Vampire Weekend: trippy.

Amazing Baby: kick-ass toddlers.

Cursive: on l'aurait préféré en lettres détachées.

Rufus Wainwright: memory blanks.

The Decemberists: winter during summer.

Arctic Monkeys: rockin' it like they mean it.

Yeah Yeah Yeahs: delectably dramatic.

Other Cities: Toronto