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Regina Spektor and Little Joy @ Metropolis - September 17th

Posted by Sarah / September 17, 2009

Regina SpektorTonight, the Metropolis was vibrating with a sold out crowd of happy fans who gave a warm and loud welcome to Miss Regina Spektor. I must admit that it was a bit of a musical discovery for me. It didn't take long for her whimsical lyrics and clever sense of musicality to win me over.

The setup was simple but efficient. Miss Spektor on vocals and piano, accompanied by two string players and a drummer. It's really all it took to bring out the best in her music. Overdoing it would've been a mistake. Her voice is so pretty, and for newbies to her music (like yours truly), it's pretty crucial for that to stand out more than anything else to get the most out of her great words.

Little JoyWhat drew me to the Metropolis tonight was Little Joy, a band I have recently discovered through a friend of mine and haven't been able to get enough of over the last month or so. It's been the soundtrack to my many adventures in the East Coast. I even managed to make it grow on a friend of mine who didn't click with the sound right away. They're sometimes mellow, sometimes upbeat and a little rock and roll, but there's always loads of sunshine that seeps into their sound. To understand what I mean by this, just think of the Beach Boys. Sunny like their Californian home base they are, with the soft backup overtones that makes us all melancholic for summer sunsets on the beach with a bonfire and a surfboard. This is not to say they sound anything like the Beach Boys, but there's something very Californian about their sound that just makes me smile instantly.

Unfortunately, this band I was planning to review started to play earlier than the announced showtime, which is a beef I'm saddened to have to talk about. I got there shortly before 8PM and missed what I guess was most of their set. I only got to hear 3 songs... boo. Oh well, hopefully it's not the last time they come warm up our Montreal venues. In the meantime, if you get a little sad that this summer's already gearing to an end, I recommend you go out and pick up their album. It's a fabulous record to pretend like the fall isn't really happening and to put a little joy in your heart while you're at it.

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