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iheartmusic's Hottest Bands in Canada 2009 Poll

Posted by Jer / October 31, 2009

20091031iheart.jpg (photo from flickr user pixi acid)

This year marks the 5th edition for i(heart)music's "Hottest Bands in Canada" poll. Happily, Midnight Poutine was asked to chime in again. It's a pretty straightforward process...dozens of the country's music writers, journalists and bloggers are invited to submit a ranked top 10 list of the hottest Canadian acts (bands or solo artists) in 2009, with both "hottest" and "Canadian" up to the individual writers' discretion.

We could have put together a pretty solid list of just MTL acts (Think About Life, Clues, Malajube, Coeur de Pirate, etc.) but we decided to give the ROC a listen too. Check after the jump for our ballot (and by our, I mean mine...I'm sure other writers on this site have vastly different feelings on this.)

Kudos to i(heart)music for his diligent work on this poll and on his almost daily reviews of great Canadian music. I highly recommend you check out the full list over. As in the past few years, it's a solid list of Canadian indie-rock (with a touch of hip hop, francophonie and Leonard Cohen). Post your own top ten list in the comments and I'll pass them on...

After Live it Out, I thought Metric was just going to keep making albums that reminded me of how great they could have been. Fantasies gets me back to what I loved about their earlier tunes and gives me hope that they've still got a lot more solid songs left in them. The band has attitude, grit, and an album full of catchy hooks.

9. Andrew Vincent
I know Dan Mangan just won the Verge award for best artist, and that he should probably get the nod for hottest singer songwriter in Canada right now (and Nice Nice Very Nice is solid). But Andrew Vincent's Rotten Pear is a witty and wry collection of sonic stories and musical memories that shouldn't be overlooked. It's understated and self-depricating. Sure, it doesn't scream out "Hottest In Canada", but that's the point. How very Canadian.

8. Think About Life
Think About Life, Clues, and Parlovr are duelling it out for the title of Montreal indie act that's on the cusp of breaking big. They all had great albums this year, but the one I keep going back to is Think About Life's Family. You can't have this album on and not smile/move your hips. If you can, then you are officially and old crusty bastard.

7. La Patère Rose
Coeur de Pirate was leading my list of top franco acts all year, and then, out of nowhere, La Patère Rose snuck up and unseated her. This album is a wild blend of genres and styles, but overall it's wonderfully happy, dancey and fun.

6. Braids
As far as I know, this band is from Calgary but going to school here in Montreal. They mix indie and noise and experimental stuff in an impressively accessible way. One of their songs showed up in my inbox earlier this year, thanks to a friend, and my email program was literally happier for the next 4 months.

5. Belle Orchestre
As Seen Through Windows is a monumental instrumental journey. This band understands exactly how powerful dynamics are in making layered, thoughtful music.

4. Ohbijou
While we're talking about beauty, I'd be remiss not to include Oh Bijou's second full length album Beacons. Ohbijou has the market cornered on melancholy, orchestral epic, ballads. They do what they do well and they just keep getting better.

3. Reverie Sound Revue
The sheer fact that RSR released an album means that I had to include it on my list. The fact that it is full of wonderful sounds and songs is icing on the cake. I was bowled over by the band's EP in 2003. The long long long awaited follow up reminds me exactly why. It's delicate and catchy and gorgeously put together. Although they aren't really a "band" (no tours, not even any "real" shows), they are still the hottest.

2. Timber Timbre
I'm so excited for winter because this album is going to be my soundtrack for the cold frozen months when the days are mostly dark and spooky. This unsettling, crooning self-titled album is easily one of my favourite discoveries of the year.

1. Bruce Peninsula.
I've made no secret of my unnatural love for this band this year. A Mountain is a Mouth is a religious experience. I'm a convert.



Luc / November 10, 2009 at 04:25 am
Ming Wu / November 11, 2009 at 12:47 pm
I like your Top 10 list from this year's Hottest Bands in Canada.
Here is my Top 10 picks.
I sort of based it on the shows I've attended in Ottawa.
Ming Wu / November 11, 2009 at 02:36 pm
That was weird.
I accidentally deleted your comment on my entry by mistake.
It was into the spam pile.
Don't know what you wrote down :P lol
Tim / November 23, 2009 at 09:55 pm
Where's the top ten hottest Canadians in a band poll?
Jeremy / November 24, 2009 at 09:02 am
Hey Tim...sorry if the title was a bit confusing. The "poll" was actually more of a survey. Matt at i(heart)music sends a call out to a bunch of journalists/bloggers etc. and polls them directly (as opposed to a public poll where everyone can vote for their favourite).

Make sense?
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