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POP 09 : One photographer's look back...

Posted by Allen / October 5, 2009

093009AMP_ALLAN_HOLDSWORTH_272.jpg As you probably know from the flurry of Pop MTL posts we had up last week, Midnight Poutine had a ragged team of poutineheads covering the festival. One of our resident photographers, Allen McEachern, was out and about snapping pics of as many Pop Montreal shows as he could train his camera on. It was an exhausting affair, but the ends justify the means.

If you're looking for a review of the festival that involves more images than words, take a few minutes of your post-pop week to enjoy some of the gorgeous photos he's shared with us. Apparently, the festival looked as good as it sounded.

Check out more of Allen's work after the jump...

(photo to the right is of Allan Holdsworth, Sept. 30th @ L'Astral)

093009AMP_ALLAN_HOLDSWORTH_537.jpg Allan Holdsworth, Sept. 30th @ L'Astral

093009AMP_AMY_MILLAN_073.jpg Amy Milan, Sept. 30th @ Ukrainian Federation

093009AMP_JAY_RETARD_128.jpg Jay Reatard, Sept. 30th @ Sala Rossa

100109AMP_FEVER_RAY_140.jpg Fever Ray, Oct. 1 @ Métropolis

100109AMP_BUTTHOLE_SURFERS_094.jpg Butthole Surfers, Oct. 1 @ Olympia

100209AMP_DESTROYER_211.jpg Destroyer, Oct. 2 @ Ukrainian Federation

100209AMP_DESTROYER_164.jpg Destroyer, Oct. 2 @ Ukrainian Federation

100209AMP_MARK_BERUBE_PATRIOTIC_FEW_298.jpg Mark Bérube and the Patriotic Few, Oct. 2 @ L'Astral

100309AMP_FAUST_572.jpg Faust, Oct. 3 @ Ukrainian Federation

100309AMP_OS_MUTANTES_172.jpg Os Mutantes, Oct. 3 @ Le National

100409AMP_THE_WILLIAM_BLAKES_541.jpg The William Blakes, Oct. 4 @ Métropolis

100409AMP_NUMERO#_121.jpg Numéro#, Oct. 4 @ Métropolis

100409AMP_ARIANE_MOFFATT_094.jpg Arianne Moffat, Oct. 4 @ Ukrainian Federation



856054 / June 21, 2011 at 04:55 am
What a lovely day for a 856054! SCK was here
Alnms / February 4, 2015 at 04:19 am
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