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Not Drowning But Listening: Candy Claws Online World Tour

Posted by Jer / November 19, 2009

20091119candyclaw.jpg They say if you put a seashell to your ear, you can hear the ocean. Well, if you strapped on some scuba gear, dove down a couple hundred feet to where the sea was dark and murky yet colourful and teeming with life, and then put a shell to your ear, you'd hear the sounds of Candy Claws.

Out of Fort Collins, Colorado, this cloud-gazing duo, makes sweet, lush organic electronic music. Their latest album, In The Dream Of The Sea Life is an ode to the ocean, filled with nautical noises that ebb and flow like the tide. Not to get too carried away with the water theme here, but this is music that washes over you. Put on your headphones and tell me I'm wrong.

Where can I hear these mellfluous mer-sounds sound you ask? Well, the band is currently on an online world tour, and they're letting us handle the Montreal "stop". In other words, take a listen after the jump:

An virtual tour online? I know that doesn't make much sense. But the band has decided that instead of visiting cities for real, it's far easier to hit up individual local blogs and spread their music that way. I was intrigued by the idea, and their album, so we set up this "gig" for them. Here's Ryan from the band:

"Hi Montreal! It's beautiful to be here, in digital form. This is our first time visiting another country as a band, we hope you will listen with warm welcome. It's Day 9 of our Online Tour for "In the Dream of the Sea Life." We're been doing acoustic versions of the songs, in order, and now it's 'Not Strange Winged Snail'. There we are, disguised but friendly. You might notice there is a tiny animal in the lamp. What species?"

Cryptic but kind; that's Candy Claws and their music in a nutshell. For the first minute or so of 'Not Strange Winged Snail' the acoustic video version and the studio album cut aren't that different. But after establishing a pretty, indie-folk melody, each version heads off in separate directions and never looks back. Both are provided here for your audio/visual enjoyment.

Watch the video below, download the song and check out In The Dream of The Sea Life. Like a good M83 disc, it's full of fuzzy synths, dreamy vocals, and rich soundscapes (Exhibit A: 'Lantern Fish', the album's stunning second song. Exhibit B: the start of 'Snowy Shores').

Swim out to sea and just tread water.

Download the studio version of Not Strange Winged Snail - Candy Claws Online World Tour - Day 9 @ Midnight Poutine

Midnight Poutine wishes Candy Claws well on the rest of their tour (they're off to Vancouver's Peppermill Records tomorrow, the Europe after the holidays). Follow their virtual tour bus for more info.

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