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Preview: Atypicals @ Gert's Bar

Posted by Carolyn / February 3, 2010

atypicalsbergson.JPG Photo by Marion Birdsell.

Brooklyn-based alternative/electronic/house four-piece Atypicals is making their Canadian debut at McGill's on-campus watering hole Gert's this Saturday, promising to be one of the most exciting musical acts to perform at Gert's, well, ever. With dance-worthy beats and infectious hooks, Atypicals' "electronica that stimulates mind and body" is known for getting the crowd on their feet. "It's really fun to play shows where everyone's dancing," says keyboard/synth player Jacob Bergson. "And, to be honest, I feel like having a name like Atypicals gives us license to do pretty much whatever we want to do on stage, and I enjoy that freedom."

Atypicals are a self-described "glorious return to the glistening, sex-saturated synthpop that ruled the 80s." ("I love The Eurythmics," Bergson admits. "It's kind of a guilty pleasure.") And though the group's first musical love is 80s new wave, a plethora of varied influences, from Miles Davis to Deadmau5, come across in their hybrid sound. The result is an electrifying coalescence of psychedelic rock, jazz, modern electropop, and house. This eclectic sound is best exemplified by smooth, sexy, club-worthy "Love Electric Soul," a standout track which perfectly showcases Adam Zucker's lush vocals.

"We're very influenced by modern house and electro in the sense that the music tends to feature big synths, driving rhythms and feels overall pretty dance-y," says Bergson. "But one thing we really emphasize that most electronic music artists ignore is that the songs need to really be songs--they have extensive (and hopefully decent) lyrics, several contrasting sections, and musical hooks."

Atypicals will be collaborating with Cleveland-based DJ/production team Digiraatti for an upcoming five-song EP--which will be available for free download at are currently performing live shows both as a quartet and a two-person DJ project with live elements. Don't miss the quartet's first Montreal show on February 6 at Gert's.



Adam Zucker / February 5, 2010 at 10:10 pm
Hey, this is Adam, the singer for Atypicals. Just want to let everyone know that this event is CANCELLED. Sorry for the inconvenience!
Nick Smith / February 6, 2010 at 06:03 pm
Many of you might have heard,
that last night events occurred that were most absurd,
denied entry into the country, the band from new york rested in plattsburg overnight while their bus went on its merry way
Yet alas two men travelled to the border, hell bent on making this show a success,
And Sandor (Nick Z) and Ben fixed up this little mess,

The Atypicals made it into Canada with time to spare,
So do up your hair, how you choose we don't care,
Lace up those shoes, put on your vest
Drink a few beers, Aaron's mom's name is Celeste,

We wil see you tonight, just wanted to let you know,
There was a minor/major hiccup, but on the show will go
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