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Honeyman and the Brothers Farr w/ Corey Gulkin

Posted by Margot / April 10, 2010

20100411 - HBF.jpg
Three dapper dudes: Honeyman and the Brothers Farr

The usual bespectacled, plaid-wearing, knitting-needle-carrying crowd was out at Le Cagibi last night, but performing before them were two pleasantly unusual musical acts; Corey Gulkin opened the show with a solo act on guitar and banjo, then Honeyman and the Brothers Farr rounded out the evening with their raucous musical stylings.

Playing without her Rusty Horse Band, Corey Gulkin held her own on stage, starting off on guitar and then breaking out the banjo. While I like the guitar just fine, the banjo still has this great rustic country appeal, and it seems that Gulkin has picked up on that in her song writing - the first song she played (which was also the first song she wrote on the banjo) was written because it sounded like what a banjo song ought to sound like. And she hit the nail right on the head (not that I know what it's like to leave my wife for another woman or anything). Oscillating between understatedly soft and more animated, Gulkin's songs are delivered with distinct passion. Her lyrics are thoughtful and poetic, and her voice has the strength to fill the room without being overly loud - she has the vocal diversity of Joanna Newsom without sounding like a baby (sorry, Joanna). It's really too bad that Montreal is going to be losing this talented musician shortly (come back soon, Corey!)

20100411 - CG.jpg
Clearly banjos make everything go black and white.

After the lingering twangs of Gulkin's banjo died out, Honeyman and the Brothers Farr took to the stage. Made up of Simon Honeyman and James Farr on guitar, Eric Farr on keyboard, and special guest Al Chiuchiarelli at the drum kit, the band put together a fun show of foot-tapping tunes that had a sense of familiarity without being boring. With two guitars and three voices, the keys further filled out the songs to give the music an old-south feel; it would be good stuff to stick in the 8-track and head out on the road - and the simple snare gave it good drive. HBF boasts a range of talents, from Simon's Ron Sexsmith-esque voice to Eric's impressive joke-telling abilities. (Other notable instances of inter-song banter included recollections of Sega Genesis games and only one F-bomb drop, resulting in the show being self-rated at PG-13). And the jovial atmosphere of the band was reflected in their music, too.

As James brought out his electric guitar mid-set, he jokingly announced "Rock 'n' roll!" But the crowd was momentarily brought back to a 1950s malt shop, while Eric sang with an Elvis-like swagger to his voice. Of course, I've never been to a malt shop, nor have I been to the 1950s, but I have seen Back to the Future (many times). And I was brought back to Hill Valley anew when James broke out into a guitar solo, just like Marty McFly when he was trying to make himself not disappear from the photo (if you don't know what I'm talking about, you clearly need to go watch that movie again. Right now.)

And just as they began their set a cappella, Honeyman and the Brothers Farr put down their instruments for the last song in something that I can only describe as a musical seizure - and they got the audience to participate, too. As anyone who has ever been to a concert with me knows, I am steadfast in my refusal to clap along to music. But HBF got the best of me: there I was, clapping and singing along. Make sure to stay posted for their debut album, coming out in June, and the accompanying CD release show/party that will surely be a hoot and a half.

Images taken from the artists' MySpace pages.



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