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The Venue Revue: April 27 - May 1st, 2010

Posted by Gabby / April 26, 2010

venuerevue-0426.jpgPhoto: "Grand Trine/ Friendship Cove", by Midnight Poutine flickr pooler StacyannLee.

This week in concerts: We're a bit late this week, but fear not: there are tons of great local acts performing this week, and you're getting the full low down on concerts in the big town.

Wednesday, April 28:
White Rabbits w/ The Hoof and the Heel, Petit Campus
If you've been listening to our podcast, you most likely have heard White Rabbits' song "Percussion Gun". The NYC punk-rock outfit will be playing at tiny Petit Campus with Montreal indie-folk band The Hoof and the Heel, whose debut EP just launched on iTunes.

Thursday, April 29:
Horse Feathers w/ Charlotte Cornfield, Divan Orange
One word of advice: if you want to know what Horse Feathers sounds like, don't check out their MySpace page - it's been spammed and plays shady hip-hop ad nauseum. Opening for them is Charlotte Cornfield, a 21 year-old Montreal singer-songwriter with a sultry voice and some catchy riffs.

Thursday, April 29:
Timber Timbre w/ The Luyas, La Tulipe
Toronto folkster Taylor Kirk, better known as Timber Timbre, released a breathtaking self-titled album last year. He will be accompanied by Montreal rockers The Luyas, a local fixture that combines pretty vocals, french horns and Star Wars references.

Friday, April 30:
Final Flash + Bateau Noir
In case you haven't heard,Final Flash is a local psychedelic pop band that has become the talk of the town, playing huge shows like last year's M for Metropolis. They are playing with Bateau Noir, another local band who opened for Malajube a few months back and released their debut full-length in February, to much acclaim.

Friday, April 30:
Sia w/ Girl in a Coma, Club Soda
Sia might be known for singing on "that song from the last episode of Six Feet Under", but while that is an honorable reputation, there is more to the Australian singer. Having witnessed her chillingly beautiful vocals when she was in town over a year ago, I can honestly tell you that this is something you don't want to miss. The Texas chicks from Girl in a Coma will be opening this estrogen-pumped night of music.

Saturday, May 1st:
Mixylodian w/ Cotton Mouth, ss cardiacs and Eleanor Thompson, Divan Orange
Their name might be a mouthful, and it might not mean anything concrete, but Montreal quintet Mixylodian sure have been making a lot of noise - in the good way, of course. Associated with Friendship Cove acts such as Think About Life and Miracle Fortress, their psychedelic pop songs hint at a quite unique live show. Playing with them are local acts Cotton Mouth, SS Cardiacs and Eleanor Thompson, who unfortunately doesn't have a MySpace page.

Note: This is just a quick overview according to a highly biased writer. There are plenty more shows out there that suit every genre and style preference. I personally use Stillepost, evenko and Indie Montreal and a few more for show listings.

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