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LCD Soundsystem: James Murphy's Law

Posted by Valerie / May 22, 2010

James Murphy told Rolling Stone there would most likely be no follow-up to This Is Happening, out just last week. LCD Soundsystem scheduled a 18-month tour which brings them to Montreal this Monday, but they say it will be theit last tour.. Basically you should be running for a ticket if you ever want to see a live LCD Soundsystem performance.

One of the main reasons why James Murphy wants to pull the plug on LCD is that he wants to get involved in other projects, like playing in a rock band he has with his drummer Pat Mahoney (in above picture) called Free Energy on his label DFA Records. Who knows what else he is working on, Murphy is clearly a man of many talents: he was offered to be a writer on Seinfield in '92 but declined, thinking the show wouldn't be successful. Luckily for him, his music career evolved from playing bands to being a sound man, to creating DFA Records in '99.

LCD Soundsystem turned into a few tracks and finally released an album in 2005.The self-titled debut was instantly acclaimed and got nominated for a Grammy. Next was Sound of Silver, my personal favorite, who made it to everyone's top albums of 2007. For the third record, James Murphy wrote pretty long disco-punk-electro tunes perfectly balanced throughout the album. This Is Happening is not as exquisite as Sound Of Silver to me (yet), but it's not disappointing at all - definitely a great way of ending the trilogy.

In order to get the full experience, the band is offering a pretty nice LCD-lover package with the new album in vinyl (double), CD, a bag and a shirt. As for the show, let's wish for two things:
1- It will be a live band playing.
2- Murphy will come DJ at a club somewhere after (last time I saw one of his sets was back at Coda (does that place still exist?!) a few years back).
Needless to say this will go down in history for being the best long weekend of the year!

LCD Soundsystem
Holly Ghost
Metropolis - 59 Ste-Catherine E
Monday May 24
Presented by I Love Neon & High Food

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