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MUTEK: Listen Up (ep. 1)

Posted by Jer / May 18, 2010

20100518mutek.jpg In case you missed Gabby's post earlier today, MUTEK is revving up for its 11th edition. The festival, which showers the city with some of the world's best electronic and digital music, runs from Jun. 2 - 6. During that time, over 150 artists from dozens of different countries will play set after set of glitchy, groovy, bass-y and beep-y tunes for you. Even better, this year's edition of the fest features more free shows than ever before.

To get your ears ready for the aural onslaught, the festival's organizers have kindly allowed us to share a few special edition MUTEK podcasts with you. This first episode, mixed by the ultra talented DJ/danceaholic Patti Schmidt, features artists playing as part of the about the A\VISIONS series. Click play to start the stream; and follow through to the full post for details on the playlist.

The A\VISIONS program "features artists who explore the essential relationship between image and sound." More details on the A\VISIONS program are available here. Sans further ado:

1. Messier + Bernier - excerpt from (La Chambre des Machines)
2. Matmos - Exciter Lamp And The Variable Band (Supreme Balloon)
3. Nurse With Wound - Registered Nurse Second Coming (The Ladies Home Tickler)
4. Pimmon - Evil Household Ceremony (Smudge Another Yesterday)
5. Marsen Jules - It's Only Castle Burning (Pop Ambient 2009)
6. CM Von Hauswolff - Flooded Lampshun Temple And Confused Hawks (The Wonderful World Of Male Intuition)
7. Thierry Gauthier - DEV2 (Chantier libre [Live])
8. [The User] - +}}}}}}} (Symphony #2 For Dot Matrix Printers)
9. Vladislav Delay - Mustelmia (Tummaa)
10. Freida Abtan - The Waters of Lethe (The Hands of the Dancer/The Temple of the Dreamer)
11. Ben Frost - Killshot (By The Throat)
12. Tim Hecker - Where Shadows Make Shadows (An Imaginary Country)
13. The Caretaker - Long Term (remote) (Persistent Repetition Of Phrases)

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