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Of wolves and leaves - a photo essay

Posted by Gabby / May 2, 2010

SWAL_12.JPGReally, Shannon H. Myers is everywhere. Last Thursday, she was standing in front of rainbow-colored light installations, hearing the delightful folk rock of Sea Wolf and the relaxing sounds of electronica band The Album Leaf - with her camera in hand.


SWAL_02.JPGAlex Brown Church of Sea Wolf was captivating as his troupe's upbeat folk melodies persuaded the audience to sway.


SWAL_04.JPGThe stage set up was irregularly spaced, with sticks of glowing LED's hung throughout the instruments. The dimmed atmosphere with glittering lights gave perfect ambiance to the thoughtful interludes Album Leaf is famous for.

SWAL_05.JPGNathan Anderson and Joyce Lee of Sea Wolf accompanied The Album Leaf in an impromptu replacement of two of the rowdier AL members who didn't make it across the border.



SWAL_08.JPGJimmy LaValle almost didn't make it across either after lighting some fireworks outside a show on fellow band member Matt Resovich's birthday.



SWAL_11.JPGThe light show blended with the ambient tones in an electrified, oompa-loompa sort of way, mixed with film interludes that featured things like clouds, machinery, and nails clutching a body through black fabric.

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