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Teenbeat Takeover Presents: The Reigning Sound,The A-Bones & Bloodshot Bill

Posted by Ralph / June 16, 2010

2010-06-17-reigningsound.jpg The folks at Teenbeat Takeover are Montreal's mob when it comes to peddling garage rock to every single cuban heeled 7'' digger in town. That's right, they're the no-brainers who made geeks from Coast to Coast jump on a plane to get down the now (read THEN)-sound last summer at Théâtre Plaza as it hosted the Wooly Weekend. Now guess what? They're once again behind another night of holy-schlong-I-went-bananas-again-and-the-bar-ate-my-rent-money!

So dig this;

Thursday, June 17th, Teenbeat Takeover presents a bill with a predigree so impressive it'll make you want to go to summer school for the rest of your life.

*The Reigning Sound (Greg Oblivian...anyone???)
*The A-Bones (aka Bill and Miriam own Norton Records, aka she was in The Cramps, Mike Lewis was in both The Lyres and Yo La Tengo etc)
*Bloodshot Bill (boom crash boom boom crash yrrreeaaahhh wiiiiii boom crash boom boom crash)

All of which will take place in between four walls. FYI, the restrooms are on the left side of the stage as you come in...just in case your body can't control itself after all the bowel movements generated by the heavy dancing -yes, dancing in Montreal...i.e.goodnight beige v-necked fourtets with lit-class inspired names.

more info at

The Reigning Sound
The A-Bones
Bloodshot Bill

Sala Rossa

Photo via The Reigning Sound's myspace page

By the way, I'll keep you posted all summer long regarding what Matt and Oliver from TBT are crafting for your ears to taste. Clues? Mmm, D.E.X.T.E.R R.O...nah, let's just say that their next night will feature the reason why Jack White lives in a posh Tennessee house.

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