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An Osheaga-off: What to see and what to miss

Posted by Margot / July 28, 2010

Osheaga Montreal Robyn Owen Pallett K'NaanWith a jam-packed line-up this weekend at Osheaga, you might be overwhelmed, asking yourself such heavy questions as "Which shows might I want to see?" and "What is the next 'it' band I absolutely cannot miss?" and "How much do you think Marty McFly and the professor would charge for me to rent the Delorean from them for a day?" But worry not, mes amis, four/five stages need not be so intimidating. We've put together an Osheaga how-to guide to overcome the daunting task of picking where to go, what to see, and what not to wear.

1:00 PM: Fools rush in; you might want to start your day off chill with Daniel Isaiah Schachter. After all, shortly after noon is pretty early to be jumping around, so get your tapping toes warmed up with this more acoustic-oriented artist.

2:10 PM: Catch 10 minutes of Cage the Elephant before heading over to the Sennheiser Stage to catch Owen Pallett. Sorry other bands, but this guy is so much fun to watch in person (which also means missing most of Sarah Harmer's set.)

3:20 PM: If you never got to see Robbie Williams back in the day, stop by to listen to Dan Black for a few seconds. Then head over to the Budweiser Stage for Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros' set. They're a bit more 21st century hip than 20th century cool.

4:40 PM: This will depend on your current mood and afternoon snack choice - calm and relaxed, check out Bahamas. Wound up and just drank a Red Bull, go see Japandroids.

5:30 PM: Even though I don't absolutely love their new album, go support the hometown team: Stars. Maybe they'll play "The Night Starts Here."

6:30 PM: Try to find a piece of pizza that doesn't cost a large fraction of your rent. Alternately, hide some biscotti in your pockets to tide you over for the day.

7:15 PM: I just don't know. Pavement playing a decade after the millennium is pretty epic, but I like Beach House, too, and I've never seen them. This is where that necklace thingy that Hermione had that one time would come in handy.

9:30 PM: Check out DJ Bus at the Piknik Electronik Zone for the rest of the night, and listen to the crooning awesomeness of Arcade Fire's triumphant return to the Montreal mainstage from afar. (Not. Check out Robyn to satisfy your 1997 self, and then secure a good spot near the Blackberry Stage to hear what Win, Régine and the gang have been up to for the past couple of years.)

Sleep? Then Sunday! Don't be inclined to sleep in too late, though, because you'll want to catch the first show:

1:00 PM: Cotton Mouth. Hands down better than whoever is winning something at the Sennheiser Stage (unless it's you!)

1:40 PM: Continue your afternoon with a smattering of world music by checking out Seu Jorge & Almaz. Translation dictionary not necessary. And stop by to see Still Life Still, polished and modern while staying unabashedly homegrown and familiar.

2:45 PM: Don't you wish Osheaga had cotton candy? What kind of festival is this?

3:00 PM: Definitely Hannah Georgas: a clear, strong, and pretty voice, smart writing, and she's just so darn charming.

4:00 PM: The following line-up might or might not be completely constructed around seeing 5 shows in a row with animal-themed names: Horse Feathers, The Antlers, We are Wolves, The Cat Empire, only to culminate in... yes, the original animal musician... Snoop Dogg.

7:35 PM: Oh yeah, Metric is playing. And Sonic Youth! Damn!

9:20 PM: OMG it's Weezer! They're playing a show! Whatever; I've never quite gotten over the fact that they played a 55-minute (that's right, not even a full hour) set at Copps Coliseum on Valentine's Day in 2000, so I'm going to say skip out early and see Tim Barry on the Scène Galaxie at 10:20.

And check out Midnight Poutine on twitter throughout the weekend, where four trusty MP correspondents will be tweeting all about what's happening on the island: which artist conveniently forgot their pants, whether Robyn is actually a robot, and which Port-o-potties have the shortest lines.

Images from JP's Blog, Entertainment Weekly, and MTV.



Amie / July 30, 2010 at 12:34 pm
Good call on the biscotti Margot. Let me know if you want me to hook you up with some.
Greg / July 30, 2010 at 01:20 pm
I liked Beach House a lot too until they really disappointed me in concert. See Pavement, you won't regret it!
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