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Call & Response: Melina Soochan

Posted by Luc / July 6, 2010

20100706mmpixmelina.jpg Call & Response is a series of Q&As with bands, artists and random people we dig that live in Montreal, visit here, or have some dubious connection to the city.

Melina Soochan is a soulful and sophisticated singer and pianist. Born and raised in Montreal, Canada, this highly versatile singer-songwriter is an accomplished classically trained pianist, often adding a touch of jazz to her music, and delivers a captivating performance. Holding a B.Mus in classical piano from McGill University as well as an ARCT performer's diploma from the Royal Conservatory of Music of Toronto, her original music is an enticing fusion of styles, a sultry blend of urban and indie pop, R&B, jazz, soul and folk, that transcends generations and genres. Her debut album is due by the fall of 2010. You can catch her at the Queen Elizabeth Hotel on July 8th, or check our her MySpace and Website.

Jeremy recently had a chance to sit down with Melina Soochan via the internet and ask her some very in-depth questions about life and music:

Who is your favorite Canadian Artist?
A: Right now, Esthero! Trip-hop, underground, strong, female figure.... Love her :)

Your video is pretty steamy. Was it fun to make?
A: Getting things done independently is stressful as hell! But yeah, it was fun :) Especially seeing it all come together in the end. It actually came out NOTHING like it was planned to... But that's the beauty of collaboration! Thanks to my amazing director and editor Brian Finlay for his wacky vision... To view it, check here

Most awkward moment during filming?
A: When the main character guy (actor Stephen Mwinga) was staring me down and licking his lips... Damn, that was awkward for me! I mean, I'm not an actress, so my instinct was to move away....! lol While the director was yelling at me to get in closer... Yikes!

What do you love most about Montreal?
A: The diversity of the people! I explore this in my second music video called "City of Love" It's all about Montreal and how much I love this city :) And in the end, things always come around full circle....

What do you love most about Poutine?
A: Ahh... the cheeeeeeeese.....

What do you hate most about Poutine?
A: The way it makes me fat..... Wait, were you talking about your blog...?

Who was your first live concert? Was it everything you had ever imagined?
A: Really??? You know what, I think it was the Offspring! I was a rocker in my youth... haha! I was 14 years old, I remember I dyed my hair full purple for this event when they came to the Vans Warped Tour years ago. Cost me my whole allowance and then when I went to camp the next week, my hair turned yellowish-gray with the chlorine! Ahh, the good ol' days...

If your music was a famous historical figure, who would it be and why?

A: My music would be Cleopatra: mysterious, elusive, exotic, and does anything in her power to reach the top...! (she DID roll out of a carpet naked, right...?)

What's the best way to spend a Million dollars in 10 minutes?
A: Go to Les Cours Mont-Royal...! Or gamble it all away at high stakes poker :)

What's the worst place you've ever been to?
A: Montreal malls on Boxing Day!

How did you spend your 16th birthday?
A: Shooting my friends with paintball guns! It was awesome... :)



Scooobidooodadaa Girl / July 6, 2010 at 04:53 pm
I <3 this interview!!

Can't wait to see your next show, Melina! :D
Josh / July 6, 2010 at 04:56 pm
Big congratulations to you Melina. Your music is amazing.
You deserve everything that comes your way; you worked hard, and are doing great!

Keep up the great work!
Dwi / February 4, 2015 at 04:03 am
How did you get to be this good? Its amazing to see smoeone put so much passion into a subject. Im glad I came across this. Im glad I took the time to read on past the first paragraph. Youve got so much to say, so much to offer. I hope people realise this and look into your page.,..,.
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