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Teenbeat Takeover Presents: Dexter Romweber @ Sala Rossa July 4th

Posted by Ralph / July 2, 2010

20100704-Dexter.jpg About a week ago, I was brutally awoken in the middle of a truly empowering dream in which my best friend and I were secret agents (or sociopaths in need of a good publicity stunt) on a mission to find a stolen Van Gogh (go figure...) in the basement of a posh sushi bar frequented by ''fat cats'' in zoot suits, who were about to get their cigar-garmented heads chopped off by our machetes and kung fu skills. Unfortunately, my cat stepped over my face and got me out of bed just in time to realize that 1) I had no machete...gee, I didn't even have pants on 2) I was supposed to have called Dexter Romweber an hour ago. I then proceeded to get some caffeine in my system, grabbed the phone and apologize for my lack of professionalism.

I spoke with Mister Dexter Romweber (of the now defunct Flat Duo Jets) a few minutes, as he was ready to leave for another town AND as he was witnessing Landon Donovan's goal against Algeria.

Hi, may I speak with Dexter?

This is him. Who's this?

Ralph...I'm calling on behalf of...

Oh, hi Ralph, weren't you supposed to call about an hour ago?

Yeah, well, hum (I WAS KARATE KICKING SOME CRUTCHES AN HOUR AGO) I'm sorry man...

No worries

So yeah, congratulations upon the release of your new album

Thanks man, we're really excited to play Montreal; it's been a little while now

I'm delighted that the guys at Teenbeat Takeover are bringing you back. You know, I was reading an article on The Cramps (The Flat Duo Jets toured with The Cramps during the 1990s) in Rock & Folk (an issue that probably dates back to the early 2000s), and Lux was mentioning you as an example of how bands don't need a lot of members to sound like a full orchestra.

Haha, it's very flattering man; I loved Lux, it's so sad he died so young, really.

Yeah, The Cramps really had an impact on rock and roll, they brought it back to its most primitive essence and definitely dwelled on the 'fun' and 'sexual' aspect of it. Speaking of which; I really wanted to know how it was for you to have worked with both older performers like Gene Maltais (with whom the FDJ released a 7'') and younger guys who were influenced by the FDJ such as Jack White (with whom the Dexter Romweber Duo has recorded a 7'')?

You know Ralph, Gene Maltais was one of a kind; a real sweet guy but he was definitely from another era. He was from a time when people who played that kind of music were REALLY crazy. As to Jack White; he's also a great guy, but he's above all a genuine hard worker. He knows his rock n roll on the tip of his fingers and he's able to work very fast but also in a very efficient manner.

You've got a whole plethora of friends on the new album (among which, Exene Cervenka of L.A.'s seminal punk band X), tell me how did you guys hook up with Cat Power?

She's a good friend of ours; actually, we just got back from a European tour during which we opened for her

That's really kind of her, it must have enabled a lot of people (who wouldn't necessarily listen to garage rock) to hear you guys?

Yeah, definitely.

Teenbeat Takeover presents:

Sunday, July 4th at Sala Rossa, 8:30 pm
Dexter Romweber Duo
Skip Jensen
Bloodshot Bill
Dirty Wedding
DJ Pat Meteor
Tix = 10$ at Primitive Records (3830 rue St-Denis)


Photo via Dex's myspace page



Verry / February 3, 2015 at 11:08 pm
Randy, thanks for the kind words!I was tinhking about that the other day myself while listening to some of Dex’s instrumentals from over the years: this man has so much talent capturing a mood in his songs, both in guitar and piano, I wish someone in film would realise how great of a composer he is. I failed to mention this in my article, but I met one of the producers for Two Headed Cow at the DRD gig (unfortunately his name escapes me at the mo’), and he gave me the excellent news that Two Headed Cow on DVD should FINALLY be seeing the light of day sometime in the next two months! I’m so stoked for this. He mentioned there’s a full live Flat Duo Jets show that they are trying to include as an extra in the DVD, but they are currently working with the DVD producers to sort it out. Like many FDJ fans, I can’t wait!
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