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Call & Response: Little City

Posted by Luc / August 25, 2010

20100824-mmpixlittlecity2.jpg Call & Response is a series of Q&As with bands, artists and random people we dig that live in Montreal, visit here, or have some dubious connection to the city.

A band needs to know where they're from in order to know where they're going. Little City came from the close suburbs and not-as-close rural reaches of the larger Toronto area, forming in the heart of the city to merge the brains and hearts of their dense music and words into the sounds found on their debut EP. You can catch them this Thursday August 26th @ Bar St Laurent with Belgrave.

I recently had a chance to sit down with Little City's Shaun Axani via email to ask him some questions about life, love, and Montreal:

Who is your favourite Canadian Artist?
A: The cool answer is Neil Young. The current choice is The Wooden Sky.

Besides family, friends, other music, and long summer nights, what influences your music the most?
A: I think like a lot of songs/songwriters, our songs are very influenced by life experiences (often the not so great ones). That often relates to everything you said to exclude from the question, but it can extend to broad things like loss or hope, or specific things like a feeling in your gut at a funeral procession or when say goodbye to a friend going to war. Can you get any more broad than 'life experiences' as an answer to this question? Life?!

Where is the best place to listen to your music?
A: The Mont Royal Plateau. From that specific location you'll hear a brilliant 100 piece orchestra in the background of our songs. It's also mentioned in one of our songs, and if you were listening to a Toronto band while you were there, you wouldn't be able to get over what a coincidence it was.

What do you love most about Montreal?
A: I think I love most things about Montreal! Two winters ago I spent a couple of weeks out there while a band recorded an album, and I convinced myself I was going to move out there. And it was minus 30 every day. And I hate the cold. But my measurement for life is: if you still want to be there and it's freezing cold, you probably love it. Also, your bagels are awesome.

What do you love most about Poutine?
A: Cheese curds that squeak in your mouth! My grade 7 french teacher always spoke about Quebec cheese curds like it was some urban legend. But I finally went there and tried it and it was like heaven mixed with world peace mixed with pleasant squeaking. It was great.

What do you hate most about Poutine?
A: I don't eat beef, so when places aren't clear as to what they make their gravy out of. And it ends up that it's beef. That ends with me being sick. It's probably my fault regardless, but have you seen those cheese curds?!

What's the best way to spend a Million dollars in 10 minutes?
A: Buy stocks in Justin Bieber. It's a corporation, right? (In all seriousness, I feel like if he were a stock, it would have a similar life cycle to Nortel, just shortened into a few months. Sell high, boys and girls.)

What's the worst place you've ever been to?
A: There's this forest where I grew up that had lots of bees in it. One time I wanted to go rafting through it, but the raft deflated shortly after we began, and we were lost. The bees had a field day (or so 8 year old Shaun thought). I was sure I would die. That place sucked.

How did you spend your 16th birthday? I got my G1 (learners permit for driving) and then was terrified to drive home with my mom. But I made it. I forget what I did in the evening, but I probably wanted to go bowling.



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