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Call & Response: Dig It Up!

Posted by Luc / September 15, 2010

20100915-digitup.jpg Call & Response is a series of Q&As with bands, artists and random people we dig that live in Montreal, visit here, or have some dubious connection to the city.

"Every time they hit the stage, they turn from five really sweet Quebecois kids into five ludicrous rock machines. It's so good it's stupid. We love 'em" - Juiceboxdotcom

Meet Dig It Up! a local punk rock band that is currently tearing up the Indie scene with their sweet cut off shirts and insanely inspired performances. They recently retooled with two new members joining the band and are now poised to play their way into your sweet little punk rock hearts. You can catch them this Saturday September 18th at Bistro Pub Renaud in Longueil or just check out their MySpace and download their free EP.

I recently had the chance to sit down with Mike from Dig It Up! via email and ask him some very in-depth questions about life and music:

Who is your favorite Canadian Artist?

A: Oh, that's a tough one, I'd have to say it's a tie between Junior Battles and Justin Bieber, naaahhhhh just kidding (about Bieber). For real though, we love what Junior Battles are doing. Our hometown honeys Prevenge also hold a special place in our hearts.

Besides family, friends, other music, and long summer nights, what influences
your music the most?

A: The word we use the most when writing is "fun" we're always looking to make sure people have fun. Lyrically, I watch a lot of movies and get inspiration there. I don't necessarily derive songs from plots or quotes, but if I get a feeling or a funny memorable situation, I'll slap it into a song.

Where is the best place to listen to your music?

A: In a small packed venue underneath an umbrella to shield you from our sweat and spit.

What do you love most about Montreal?

A: I love how no matter how jaded people become with one thing (bar, club, activity, whatever), unless they are completely lazy and shut off, they'll find something else to do that amuses them for at least a little while. Oh and the poutine, and beautiful women.

What do you love most about Poutine?

A: I love how poutine is such an easy starting point for conversation when you come from Montreal. Whenever we are out of province and we meet people, as soon as they find out we're from Montreal, the conversation immediately goes straight into poutine. The second topic is how beautiful our women are, but poutine comes first. So apparently, according to everyone outside of Quebec and Montreal, poutine > beautiful women. That's pretty rad.

What do you hate most about Poutine?

A: My gut.

Who was your first live concert? Was it everything you had ever imagined?

A: If I recall correctly, I was 8 or so when my mom took me to see boyz 2 men. As you can easily guess if you've heard our music, the evening had an immense impact on the type of man I'd later become. I left because it was too loud and my young ears couldn't handle it. 

If your music was a famous historical figure, who would it be and why?

A: Abraham Lincoln, I heard he used to wrestle, that's badass. And he had a wicked beard.

What's the best way to spend a Million dollars in 10 minutes?

A: Bringing Abraham Lincoln back to life to wrestle his beard.

What's the best place you've ever been to?

A: There's a pretty crappy bar in montreal called Mad Hatters. On thursdays during the summer, from 7 to closing, they serve dollar beers. Now we usually get a pretty good gang of friends out to this, so it tends to get pretty rowdy. I kind of cheated here, because it really isn't about the place, but the people we party with. When draft beers are a dollar, people don't really give a shit about buying a round and sharing beer.

What's the worst place you've ever been to?

A: Mad Hatters any time other than thursday from 7pm to closing.

How did you spend your 16th birthday?
A: I don't remember exactly. I must have had some sort of party, a lame one. I wasn't very cool at 16. But who are we kidding, neither were you. No matter how cool you thought you were, think about it real hard, in hindsight, you really were not all you were cracked up to be. 17, now THAT's when shit gets real.

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