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POP Montreal: Day 1

Posted by Amie / September 30, 2010

Electric Electric2You know how sometimes you go to a show and it just doesn't do anything for you? You're not into the music or you're tired and the band just isn't giving you any energy? Then sometimes you go to a show, and you remember why it's worth going to every single show you've ever seen, in hopes that each show might be as good as what you're seeing and hearing right now. That's what I found at La Sala Rossa last night when I heard Menomena.

It's not dance music, but there was no denying that everyone was into it. Their myspace really doesn't do them justice. The drummer was the heart; the bass drum so clear that every rhythm pounded perfectly in time, and only when he stopped and let the keyboard and guitars go off on their own for a minute did you realize how essential he was. Everything was heavy and loud, but so, so solid.Menomena drummerTo summarize the first night of POP Montreal 2010, it was a huge success. Venues were packed and the earlier bands played, the more people they got in the audience. So Sala Rossa was blocked with 20-30 somethings, where as the late night venue at the Little Burgundy Pop Loft was relatively quiet, waiting for Friday and Saturday when not just the University students who may not have class the next morning can come and play.

Come Friday, the POP Loft is going to be the place to be after all the other shows get out. It's not as hard to get to as I figured (the Parc bus up to Beaubien then a block west to Hutchison, or a 20 minute walk from Sala Rossa and other shows in that St-Laurent area) and the venue is great. It's wide and spacious with 3 bars and a taco stall serving vegetarian (black bean and braised vegetables with cumin and chipotle) and pork tacos (shredded a la 'Tacos al Pastor" with ancho chilies and honey) fresh from the grill ($2 for $6). It's not poutine, but it's brilliant, and it's the only thing in the area. There's even a second room in the POP Loft to sit and eat or just get away from the speakers (but where you'll still hear). Grumman '78 Tacos at the Little Burgundy POP LoftGrahmzilla (aka Nautiluss in this case) started off the POP Loft night with a house set. Nautiluss (Grahmzilla)The place was just filling up so there wasn't a whole lot of dancing, but here's a FREE MIX so you can dance at home sometime ("house" party? So sorry...). Or download his remixes here (including Bonjay's "Gimme Gimme").
We Are WolvesThen Electric Electric hit the stage followed by We Are Wolves just after 2am. Just wish the 80 bus came a little more often...It was a late night and cabs made a killing. So see the earlier shows tonight and save the loft parties for the weekend.



Ming Wu / October 4, 2010 at 08:20 pm
I was at Pop Montreal this year.
Here is what I did and sadly this year I didn't get to attend any of the Espace Reunion shows.
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