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Who is Technical Kidman?

Posted by Greg / December 1, 2010

When preparing for the podcast two weeks ago, one particular song exploded out of my speakers and made my day. It was loud, fast, driving, and groovy, with droning synths and something resembling an afrobeat rhythm. The full antithesis of understatement. I looked at my iTunes player and saw the song was by a band called Technical Kidman and very appropriately titled "Fireworks." First thought: sweet pun! I hoped it had something to do with Nicole Kidman's ex-husband, Tom Cruise, turning into a complete Scientology nut. Second thought: who is Technical Kidman?

There's very little information to go on. As I said on the podcast when I introduced "Fireworks," their myspace page offers virtually no biographical information and their entire discography consists of four songs. The best I got was an enthusiastic quotation from Dan Seligman of POP Montreal: "These guys are like Spiritualized if Spiritualized were more fun, less cerebral and more into the ritualistic dance circles."

As cracked out as that sounds, it's actually the perfect way of describing Technical Kidman's music, and finding a description is extremely important when all you have to go on is the music itself. In my own notes for the podcast, I wrote, "Montreal, awesome," and anyone is welcome to quote me on that. Maybe these guys are marketing geniuses: supply audiences with nothing but tunes so we don't get distracted by any back stories or hype, while at the same time leave us wanting more, more, more. Worked on me, at least.

Some contact with their PR people revealed the basic details. The band consists of Mathieu Arsenault (bass, vocals, production), Thomas B. Champagne (guitar, synths), and Guillaume Sylvain (drums). They're a young band, having only played their first show in June of 2009, but quickly found themselves playing with indie luminaries like Coltrane Motion, P. S. I Love You, Man Machine, and Braids, as well as several shows with Suuns and another gig this week (on Friday at Il Motore) with Buke & Gass. Their self titled debut ep, with four songs entitled Things, Waves, Fireworks, and Geometry, came out less than a month ago and is already high up on my play counter. Yeah, I'm pretty into these guys.

Should I get upset about digging up so little information about Technical Kidman? No, I shouldn't, because this forces me (and all interested readers) to see the band in concert and find out, in the best way possible, what they're really about. And with them opening for two of Montreal's best performers - SUPERFOSSILPOWER and Pom Pom War - this promises to be a feast for the ears. I can't wait.

Technical Kidman play tonight, December 1, at O Patro Vys in support of Pom Pom War and SUPERFOSSILPOWER. Get there by 9:45/10:00pm to see them hit the stage.
They play again this Friday, December 3, at Il Motore with Buke & Gass.
Image of the band's ep cover taken from their myspace page.



A / December 1, 2010 at 01:08 pm
Kate / December 1, 2010 at 01:29 pm
Just a small correction, the name of the headliner on friday is Buke & GASS, not Buke and GLASS. They got the name from the hybrid instruments use: 'buke' is a bass and ukelele mix and 'gass' is a guitar and bass mix.

They are great and now I'm all excited about the opener, Technical Kidman too.
Greg / December 1, 2010 at 01:37 pm
Whoopsie! Thanks for the good eyes. I've corrected it.
Ginga / January 5, 2011 at 08:34 pm
It's cool to see other enthusiastic people for this band. I still wear their 4 songs, and loving it. Waiting on new ones.
See them live! Some photos of their live show is here.

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