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Igloofest: Photo Essay (Weekend #2)

Posted by Jer / January 25, 2011

Igloofest Weekend 2 Bravo Montreal. Even the intensely frigid temperatures this past weekend couldn't stop you snow-suited revellers from turning up in record numbers to Igloofest events. The festival broke an attendance record on Friday night and then broke it again on Saturday, and we had special contributor/photographer Shannon Heather taking it all in with her camera. Igloofest returns next weekend for one last winter blast of fun. As Shannon's pics suggest, you don't want to miss it.

Igloofest - Weekend 2 Bowing down to the Igloo gods

Igloofest - Weekend 2 Do you think they're excited? Just maybe?

Igloofest - Weekend 2 Just more proof that cold does not mean you have to be unfashionable

Igloofest - Weekend 2 Marshmallows or snowman poop? You be the judge

Igloofest - Weekend 2 Sing-a-longs break out around the 'fest sometimes. You just have to go with it

Igloofest - Weekend 2 Sometimes the crowd would get so tight your feet may not actually touch the ground for a while. In this shot, the masses are just beginning to gather

Igloofest - Weekend 2 Red-nosed ambassadors of the cold weather dance party

Igloofest - Weekend 2 DJ Eskmo playing Thursday night

Igloofest - Weekend 2 This is what I call "furiously feeling it"

Igloofest - Weekend 2 Protect your identity while keeping your face warm - win-win really. Do I sense an Igloofest mascot contest?

Igloofest - Weekend 2 Sometimes it all gets to be so much, you have to take a step back and ponder the nights events... while they're still happening

Igloofest - Weekend 2 This guy was the magician of acrobatics. He actually had a lineup of willing participants, I kid you not.

Igloofest - Weekend 2 Is it a hat? Is it a wig? Whatever it is, I want one

Igloofest - Weekend 2 It may not look like it from their delighted faces, but I bet those front-row keeners are battling internal injuries from the sheer pressure of the massive crowd behind them

Igloofest - Weekend 2 A sea of toques, clown hair, and fur.

Igloofest - Weekend 2 See you next weekend.

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