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The Venue Revue: Jan. 24-30, 2011

Posted by Gabby / January 23, 2011

20110123_venuerevue.jpgPhoto: "IMG_5157", by Midnight Poutine flickr pooler All About Eve.

This week in concerts: There's not a whole lot of big musical happenings this week, probably because both promoters and concertgoers are planning to take a breather after Lauryn Hill takes the city by storm tonight. Metal fans rejoice, but underground folk takes the cake with hidden jewels playing in a venue near you.

Monday, Jan. 24:
Kylesa, w/ Rosetta, Fight Amp and Bludgeoned, Il Motore
Strangely enough, when I first checked out Philly natives Rosetta, I expected my speakers to die on the spot, but they sound like the broodier, really angry little brother of cult post-rock band Mogwai more than anything. Yes, there are substantial amounts of screaming, but the instrumental quality of their music offers a counter-balance to the vocals as far as I'm concerned. The rest of the lineup consists of bands in the same vein, albeit a lot more straight-up metal (Kylesa, Fight Amp) or hardcore (Bludgeoned). It should be interesting to see how a small venue like Il Motore handles such loud music.

Of course if you're looking for something on the other side of town and a bit more bluegrassy, check out these two strong-voiced and soulful women, Corinna Rose and Cécile Doo-Kingué, playing at Grumpy's free Monday evening event, Chick Pickin' Mondays.

Wednesday, Jan. 26:
Mike Evin + Coco et Co., Divan Orange
Mike Evin a Montreal-born musician, channels the glorious years of music making, giving a new twist to classic piano playing with a splash of modern pop, for a refreshing, uplifting sound. Coco et Co, the musical partnership also from Montreal, rely heavily on drum machines, keyboards and drones to produce a soothing, minimalist atmosphere. The carefully layered instrumentals, paired with the soulful vocals of Andrew Sisk (of Share/Sleepless Nights fame) makes for a calming sort of music that's all in all very enjoyable.

Sunday, Jan. 30:
Darren Eedens, Le Cagibi
If you're a folk fan, you'll definitely enjoy the tunes of young Darren Eedens, a rather talented storyteller from Toronto who has been touring with his guitar and smooth words. With a recently released album called Owls; and Other Birds of Prey under his belt, this guy seems ready to take over your heart, your ears and, quite possibly, the world.

Sunday, Jan. 30:
Grimes w/ How To Dress Well, Casa Del Popolo
Grimes, a one-woman wonder show and arguably one of the most interesting artists on the Artbutus roster, is Claire Boucher, a musician and artist who recently released her second album, Halfaxa. Her music could be described as eerie, angelic, spooky, dark or elevating, depending on the song you're listening to and the mood you're in. How To Dress Well, from Chicago, are equally moody and dark, with an interesting, haunting twist on vocal harmonies and deep basslines.

Note: This is just a quick overview according to a highly biased writer. There are plenty more shows out there that suit every genre and style preference. I personally use the Blue Skies Turn Black listings, evenko, Indie Montreal and a few more of those handy resources for show listings.

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