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The Venue Revue: Jan. 31- Feb. 5, 2011

Posted by Gabby / January 30, 2011


This week in concerts: Considering that Godspeed You! Black Emperor tickets sold out in about 24 hour (and that several fantastic local acts were playing 'round town), I think we can agree that last week was a pretty good week for the local music scene. This week, there are a few interesting events that deserve a shout-out, including slam poetry night on January 30th at Divan Orange and a DJ relay at Cagibi on Wednesday, as well as a ton of great small (and not so small) shows.

Tuesday, Feb. 1:
Harvee, Twin Tigers + Sandman Viper Command, Divan Orange
Hailing from Valleyfield (that's about an hour Southwest of Montreal, for you geographically challenged people) Harvee is having a 5@7 launch party for their new album, Furie. Their music is an interesting blend of contemporary rock, 80's synth blasts and sunny brass arrangements. Sandman Viper Command, from Burlington ON, will be playing later on in the evening with Twin Tigers, from Athens, Georgia. These two bands should rock the casbah with their straightforward, melody-driven rock and roll and solid vocals.

Wednesday, Feb. 2:
The Loodies + Beverlay, Divan Orange
The Loodies, a Montreal band composed of four classical music students, complements gorgeous acoustic guitar melodies with delicate vocals, glockenspiel, electric guitar and bass, brass instruments and drums for a contemporary orchestral feel that is immense and introspective at the same time. Much information remains to be uncovered about the mysterious Montreal project Beverlay, but I can tell you right away that it involves Winter Gloves' Nico Ormiston and Matt Raudsepp.

Thursday, Feb. 3:
Shannon Rose & The Thorns w/ Matt Stern, Le Cagibi
Ottawa's finest, Shannon Rose and the Thorns, are having a bit of a party at the Cagibi to celebrate the release of their latest EP, Winter, the first of four season-themed EPs to be released this year. Rose's smokey voice is the centerpiece of this folky and soft outfit. Matt Stern, a prolific and original local singer-songwriter, goes straight for the groove, layering guitar effects and drum machines over his clever lyrics and rich vocals.

Saturday, Feb. 5:
Julie Doiron w/ Adam and the Amethysts, Il Motore
It's difficult to make a list of Canada's best singers/songwriters without mentioning Julie Doiron, the Juno Award-winning, Polaris-shortlisted, versatile and incredibly talented indie sweetheart. She'll be playing with Adam and the Amethysts, a local jewel that doesn't really need an introduction and that just keeps getting better and shinier.

Saturday, Feb. 5:
Best Coast w/ Wavves and No Joy, Cabaret Mile End
You probably know Bethany Cosentino, aka Best Coast, for the massive surf rock hit "Boyfriend", and you probably know Nathan Williams, aka Wavves, for being Cosentino's boyfriend. Or for his trippy noise pop single and its even trippier video, Post Acid. No Joy, from Montreal-slash-LA, manages to be a savvy mix of Lo-fi garage punk, noise pop, surf rock, with a healthy dose of sunshine and tons of solid guitar riffs. Bring sunglasses.

Note: This is just a quick overview according to a highly biased writer. There are plenty more shows out there that suit every genre and style preference. I personally use the Blue Skies Turn Black listings, evenko, Indie Montreal and a few more of those handy resources for show listings.

Photo: "?uestlove", by Midnight Poutine flickr pooler jusmobile.

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