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Julie Doiron w/ Adam and the Amethysts @ Il Motore

Posted by Margot / February 6, 2011

Julie Doiron Montreal Il Motore SappyfestShe's no stranger to Montreal, and last night's performance proved that Montreal is still something of a second home to Julie Doiron. Between a crowd that braved a surprise snowstorm and the requisite bilingual set, Doiron's Saturday night performance at Il Motore seemed right at home.

Adam and the Amethysts Julie Doiron Montreal Il MotoreAs a precursor to the musical main course, local rock ensemble Adam and the Amethysts opened the show, first with frontman Adam Waito playing solo, then joined by Scott Johnson Gailey on bass and a mystery man on drums (help us out here; Adam and his "ever-revolving cast of talented players" revolves too quickly for us!) The beauty of this band's music is that despite their at-times repetitive rhythms and simple tunes, the songs have a certain familiarity that make them so pleasing to listen to. Their musical humour elicited an audible laugh from a nearby fellow concert-goer (there can never been too many references to Jesus Christ Superstar in this world), the bass lines were driving and intricate, and their healthy use of distortion and unique style gives the impression of a 21st century Brian Wilson, or perhaps Weezer (only about 35 times better -- sorry, Rivers). Their new record (forthcoming!) will be one to check out, so stay posted.

After a short break, Julia Doiron took to the stage with drummer/guitarist/ostensible musical everyman William Kidman - wearing more red plaid between the two of them than you could shake a stick at - and delivered an impressive and varied set. Though she claimed to have not a lot to talk about, which might mean "More rock, less talk," Doiron delivered a good amount of entertaining inter-song banter, at times akin to a "song-writing workshop, 'You should just walk around when you're stuck on something...'" and other times giving interesting back-stories to the origins of songs (did you ever think that such fun music could come from a bathroom stall at Ducky's in Sackville?)

William Kidman Julie Doiron Montreal musicThat said, the music in between the banter spoke for itself; it's amazing how much noise (in the best possible sense of the word) can emanate from just two instruments, and Doiron's elegant rock-star self made for an entertaining auditory treat, ripping up the fingerboard and savouring the awesomeness of the tunes coming out. Alternating between dazzling rock n' roll to the sweetly soft duet performance of "Reasons to Quit" (a Merle Haggard and Willie Nelson tune via Phosphorescent), Doiron and Kidman kept the crowd pleased throughout. And even when the obligatory jerks in the back of the venue decided to talk loudly over the music, Doiron took the reins, brought the level right down, and had the entire (packed) room so quiet you could hear a mouse sneeze.

Julie Doiron Montreal Music Il Motore

Julie Doiron Montreal music Il Motore

Julie Doiron Montreal music Il MotoreA New Brunswick native currently based in Toronto, Doiron has lived in Montreal as well; she mentioned that a number of friends were in the crowd, and regretted not being able to hang out or say hi. She used to live within a few blocks of Il Motore, so the descriptions of some song origins felt really accessible. And in a downright neighbourly move, she even invited the audience to request a last bit of the set.

To top off the night, like a true bilingual Canadian, Julie Doiron thanked the audience repeatedly, in both official languages.

Photography by Chase Moser



Jimmy / February 7, 2011 at 01:21 am
Adam's drummer was none other than thee mighty Jordan Robson Cramer of Sunset Rubdown.
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