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The Venue Revue: May 31 - June 6, 2011

Posted by Gabby / May 30, 2011


This week in concerts: I don't need to mention again that This Will Destroy You is hitting Lambi tomorrow, which gives me all the more space to tell you about all the other great shows coming up this week. It'll be a good week for local folk, electro and weird experimental bands, so keep your ear to the ground, concert-goers.

Wednesday, June 1:
Love Inks w/ Toboggan, Cagibi
Love Inks, a band hailing from Texas, produces dreamy, spacey electro-pop. It's light and entrancing, which is definitely appropriate considering that they were named after a voodoo technique of writing love letters in ink made from ashes of burnt letters. They just released their self-financed debut album E.S.P. to much acclaim. Toboggan, from Montreal, is the project of Corey Martin, formerly known as VER6. His remixes, just like his original tunes, are quite trippy and full of energy - they command attention more than anything else. Not the stuff you'd use as background music.

Thursday, June 2:
Barr Brothers w/ Elfin Saddle, Cabaret Mile-End
The Barr Brothers, Brad and Andrew, backed up by Sarah Page on the harp and Andres Vial on the organ and bass, are just getting back from touring with the likes of Patrick Watson and Timber Timbre. Their melodic, carefully-arranged folk music aims at pulling on the heartstrings, and they've often been referred to as one of the best live acts our fair city has to offer. Elfin Saddle, also from Montreal, are a different kind of entity altogether. They add a splash of rich strings and delicate xylophone to the songs sung in Japanese by Emi Honda, but a much more dynamic and powerful to the songs sung by Jordan McKenzie. The duality of this band and the showmanship of the Barr Brothers should definitely make this a great evening.

Saturday, June 4:
The Fugitives w/ Tanya Davis & Ravensara from Throw Poetry Club, Divan Orange
The Fugitives, from Vancouver, is a collective of multi-instrumentalists, novelists, songwriters and poets. Their music is a vibrant mix of bluegrass, folk, jazz and spoken word, their texts resemble modern songwriting as much as poetry, and their video for the song "Breaking Promises" is well worth checking out. Tanya Davis, a singer-songwriter from Halifax, is a two-time winner in the CBC's National Poetry Face-off whose third album was released last November. Ravensara, Moe Clark and Alessandra Naccarato, are two well-known spoken-words artist that incorporate instrumental loops and sound art into their poetry improvisation. They are both members of the Throw Poetry Collective, a group of spoken-word poets and artists that organize events like Cinq-à-Sexe and Canada's only bilingual poetry slam.

Sunday, June 5:
Future Islands w/ Valleys & Plucky Walker, Casa Del Popolo
With their synth pop and solid beats, Future Islands describe their sound as "post-wave". Exactly what that means, I'm not quite sure. All I know is that it's catchy, danceable and exuberant. Valleys, on the other hand, go for layered, haunting experimental music that's somewhere between shoegaze and post-rock. Plucky Walker, the project of North Carolina hop-hop artist Joel Herring, is a complex combination of precise delivery, sharp texts, and jacked beats.

Photo: "austra", by Midnight Poutine flickr pooler



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