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Hey Rosetta! Photo Recap

Posted by Amie / December 1, 2011

Hey RosettaLast week Hey Rosetta hit up the Corona Theatre with the acoustic version of Washingtonians, Ivan & Alyosha, and heavy-rocking Australians, The Jezabels.

Ivan & AlyoshaThe show started off with Ivan and Alyosha - 4 not 2 musicians. Beautiful acoustic folk who had nothing but good things to say about their touring partners.

Ivan & Alyosha

The JezabelsThen the Jezabels took over. The lead singer completely dominated the stage with her video game-like movements. I don't know how else to describe it. Her tight black leather outfit made her look superhuman, and the audience loved it, and her.

Hey RosettaHey Rosetta! followed the Jezabels with a two hour set - a mix of old favourites and new...favourites, apparently, since the audience was singing along to tunes off their latest album, Seeds.

Hey Rosetta

Hey RosettaTim Baker on guitar and vocals

Hey RosettaRomesh Thavathan on cello

Hey RosettaRomesh on bass

Hey RosettaPhil Maloney drumming too fast for the camera. Just fast enough.

Hey RosettaAll of them: Tim Baker (vocals, guitar, piano), Josh Ward (bass, backing vocals), Adam Hogan (lead guitar), Phil Maloney (drums), Kinley Dowling (violin), and Romesh Thavanathan (cello).

Photos by Amie Watson



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I love Phil Maloney . He is a great drummer . looking to watch them here in Boston :)
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