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A chat with Organ Mood before the Midnight Poutine showcase this Saturday

Posted by Greg / June 25, 2012

20120625-OrganMood.jpgSome bands do more with a couple members than others do with about 30 Branch Davidians singing their brains out. That's the case with Montreal's Organ Mood - the fusion of musician Christophe Lamarche-Ledoux and video artist Mathieu Jacques. Their shows are about as immersive as watching 2001: A Space Odyssey with Pink Floyd's Echoes, only without having to travel to a distant corner of the universe. If you think I'm exaggerating, compare that last video to this one.

Point is, Organ Mood are bringing their trippy and addictive brand of electro trance-mantra goodtimesness to the next Midnight Poutine showcase. I took a moment to talk with the band about their formation, their influences, loft shows, and the news. They hit the stage with Oromocto Diamond and The Gulf Stream this Saturday at Jackie & Judy.

How did you form Organ Mood?

Mathieu: We have answered that question many times with different answers... We had this almost mythological story, but we are not sure anymore if it is that relevant. I think what happened really is that we performed a couple of times, tried different things to involve the public in the show, listened to the comments of the people played for, and progressively came up with what we do now.

Who are your influences?

M: In the begining we were mostly influenced by kraut bands, but quickly anything became an inspiration: visual artists, writers, movies.

Has your musical direction changed at all since the beginning?

Christophe: It always change a bit with the years, but I think we have kept the idea of making a music that would be driven by a repetitive motorik, with alot of landscaping. It is composed to complete something else, like a car ride, a good book, overhead projections, a hot day in the sun, so thats why it is mostly long non-intrusive songs So far, we kept these "rules" but some other things have slightly changed, since we did alot of shows in the past 2 years some of the new songs were more performance oriented.

For your last album, did you spend a lot of time in the studio? Or are
you more the type to play the tracks live and finish recording

C: Well lets say that we are not a particular type on this area ... what I mean is that so far we have not produced anything in the same way... some of the songs on the LP were never performed live before ... some of them have been worked on for a long time. Some are just exactly how we do it live, so it was faster in the studio. I'd say that the longest part is the mix and master, cause I'm never happy with them.

Where did you play your best show? And your worst?

M: I don't remember "worst" shows, but one of the best was in the church of a place called St-Jean port Joli, it's a small town so everyone took place in the space usually reserved for the priests so they could be closer, and the ambiance was really something.

C: I have a really good memory of that show at the Silver Door. It wasn't an easy show technically but the people were amazing, we got all those kids dancing during the whole show ! I mean some of the songs were real down tempos ... hahaha I guess everyone really wanted to have a good time.

Who are you listening to these days? Anything you could recommend to readers?

C: I have been listening alot to the Drive OST by Cliff Martinez, all of Johnny Jewel's music, John Maus, Jimmy Hunt, everything that begins with a "J". Clams Casino and "%" for the summer.

For the books ... "L'éloge de la Fuite" de Henry Laborit.
Je vais vous avoué, j'ai surtout lu les nouvelles ces temps-ci.

Organ Mood play with Oromocto Diamond and The Gulf Stream on Saturday, June 30, at Jackie & Judy. This showcase is co-produced with Indie Montreal.



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