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Icelandic 8-piece band Útidúr to play first Montreal show tonight @ Divan Orange w/ Brasstronaut

Posted by Greg / June 22, 2012

20120622-utidur.jpgTwo years ago, I spent a long weekend in Iceland seeking out some sick local indie music. The resulting podcast showcased some of my favourite artists that I found during the trip. Among the very best were Útidúr, a 10-piece baroque pop group who I described thusly: "They more or less looked like a blonde version of Arcade Fire or Beirut, and sounded a fair bit like the latter, if Zach Condon admitted electric instruments and enveloped half of Belle and Sebastian. I don't know if that made any sense, but the point is, they had a fresh and catchy sound that I'm sure will travel well beyond Reykjavik"

Finally, they're here in Montreal, and you can catch them tonight at Divan Orange! I took a moment to talk with the band about their Canadian tour.

How did this Canadian tour come about?

We met Edo from Brasstronaut when they were playing at the Iceland Airwaves festival in 2009 and we both really enjoyed each others music. Edo came back for to Iceland for the Airwaves festival last fall and came up with the idea of getting us to open up for them on their next Canadian tour. Then we just stayed in touch and everything worked out and now we are here in Canada!

How does it compare to other tours you've done in the past? Have there
been any unforeseen challenges?

This is the first big tour that we have been on really. The biggest challenge has probably been the 12 hour drives. At one point in the tour we had to drive 10-12 hours a day and play every night.

How many people are you touring with? Did you all get through the
airport with all your instruments intact?

We are usually 10 in the band we are touring with 8 people. The airports have been no problem, we just try to take really good care of our instruments.

Do you have any influences in Canadian music?

Yes totally. God Speed You Black Emperor and Nickelback are the shit.

Do you find that people here know your music already, or are you
making totally new fans?

We've mostly been making new fans but there are ocationally people at the shows that have known us for some while.

What's next? Are you recording new material? Does it depart from your
current material at all?

We are in the mids of finnishing a new record that will be out later this summer. It's much more upbeat and dancier than our debut album, we even got some electronic beats n' stuff.

What are you guys listening to in the tour van?

We have mostly been listening to Michael Bolton and The Weeknd.

Útidúr play tonight at Divan Orange with Brasstronaut and Sweet Mother Logic



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