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Posted by Stacy / July 13, 2012

In the never-ending universally hipster search for the next Brooklyn, the Telegraph's Lucy Jones boldly pronounced in March, "Montreal is the new Brooklyn" (http://blogs.telegraph.co.uk/culture/lucyjones/100061603/sxsw-2012-montreal-is-the-new-brooklyn/) "Unlike the speedy, garage rock and harmonic melodies of the Brooklyn scene," says Jones, "the nu-Montreal sound is underpinned by looping, sampling and layering. Tune-yards, Purity Ring, Grimes build their songs using various machines which they feed in and out of, allowing them to create a wall of sound they couldn't do alone."

Well, okay. If you care at all about this as a Montrealer, you might want to check out the looping, sampling and layering of Montreal darlings A K U A and Hua Li along with Brooklyn's very own interpretation of this "nu-Montreal sound" by Pegasus Warning. It's at the Belmont. Maybe it will make you feel like you're in the "new Brooklyn."

is the stage name of Guillermo E. Brown, born in Connecticut to a Panamanian father and an American mother and raised in New York.

His sound incorporates acoustic and electronic instrumentation, 8 bit noise and soulful melodies, human-machine driven rhythms.

Additionally PEGASUS WARNING has appeared/recorded with, and/or produced a wide range of artists including The Temper Trap, The Beat Kids, Thiefs, Saul Williams, Arto Lindsay, Gordon Voidwell, Jamie Lidell, CANT, Twin Shadow, Jahcoozi, Lucky Paul, David S. Ware, William Parker, Matthew Shipp, Spring Heel Jack, Anti-Pop Consortium, Anthony Braxton, DJ Spooky, El P, Vernon Reid, DJ Logic, Dave Burrell, Vijay Iyer, Das Racist, and TECLA.

A K U A considers herself an eclectic dish made to inspired your musical tastebuds. When she whips up a set it sounds something like this:

1/4 cups - Soul

1/4 cup - Pop Influence

1/2 cup - Indie (could be substituted with 'Alternative')

-Rhythm & Blues (to taste)

-Stir and Garnish with Ambient Synth

Hua Li is the hip-hop alter-ego of Montreal jazz and R&B vocalist Peggy Hogan. Hua Li is a mixed-race/style/sexuality singer and rapper who will never bring you the best of both worlds because she's convinced that there must be more than just two. She throws shade in a loving and respectful manner. She is waging a subtle war again conventionality and you can follow her progress at: soundclound.com/huali-1

Check out these three great artists this Sunday, July 15 at The Belmont. The show is at 9PM and it's a measly $5 to get yourself in the door. See what happens to hipsterdom when new-Brooklyn and old-Brooklyn collide. If you're bold and beautiful, I (Stacy Lee) will be there taking pictures so check your smile.



Justina Regan / July 13, 2012 at 11:56 pm
so excited for pegasus warning! check a little review of his live act here: http://magazine.stevemadden.com/pegasus-warning-is-my-life/
Srilakshmi / February 5, 2015 at 05:58 am
Jerrie,Thanks for taking the piurctes. Brookie had a fun time doing it and all the piurctes turned out great. I cannot wait for you to get back down here so we can do some more maybe some with me where I am camera ready! lol Anyway, thanks again and Im glad we got to see each other too.
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