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Adam's Always Late at Pub Saint-Ciboire

Posted by Christine / May 15, 2013

20130515-Adam'sAlwaysLate.jpg Come on down to Pub Saint-Ciboire tomorrow at 8:00 p.m. for an evening of live music featuring locals Adam's Always Late.

Adam's Always Late was founded in March of last year and boasts former members of Seven Second Delay and The City Gates. This five-piece group consists of: Adam Kovac and Tanner Lippiatt, both on guitar, drummer Alex Belhassen, bassist Ryan Wheatley, and vocalist Adrien Benn.

"The name of our band is an inside joke," said Alex. "Adam really is always late, to the point where we started telling him that practice is half an hour earlier than it really is."

Difficult to fit into a specific genre, the group's musical influences include: riff-rock, metal, punk, post-hardcore, and alternative. This interesting medley expresses itself in loud drums, distorted guitars, and tuneful vocals.

"It's catchy, it's fun, it's loud. What's not to like?" said Adam.

The band's songs are influenced by a variety of themes such as: heartbreak, loneliness, regret, rebellion, and anarchy.

"We all listen to different stuff and we write our parts accordingly," said Alex. "We all love to play and write music and it really comes out in our shows. Lots of energy and lots of emotion."

Adam's Always Late's immediate goals are to play more shows, make a demo, and overall, increase their visibility.

They will be introducing their new song "You've Got No Reason" at tomorrow's show. If that wasn't reason enough to show up, also performing at Pub Saint-Ciboire will be White Canvas Sky, DJ Alex Foth, and Alex Robshaw.

"Supporting the local scene is important," said Ryan. "It's a great little venue with cheap beer and we're a pretty entertaining bunch."

Pub Saint-Ciboire is located at 1693 St. Denis.

Visit Adam's Always Late's facebook page here

Flyer image provided by Adam's Always Late.



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