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Help fund a digital baroque opera with guest appearances from Mozart's Sister, Majical Cloudz, d'Eon, Syngja and Irina Lăzăreanu

Posted by Greg / May 2, 2013

20130502-popdepoque1699 webformat.jpgDo you like supporting independent music/art projects with Montreal's best, brightest and most beautiful luminaries? Here's a chance to make a real impact. Composer Aleks Schürmer and director Frances Adair Mckenzie have created a indiegogo campaign for LE POP D'ÉPOQUE, a digital baroque opera that pushes the boundaries of classical music and live performance. Schürmer and Mckenzie have assembled a team of musicians including Mozart's Sister, Majical Cloudz, d'Eon and Syngja to contribute original baroque compositions. They will perform as digital holograms (think Tupac) while Romanian-Canadian supermodel Irina Lăzăreanu reads spoken word pieces. The whole affair will premiere at St. James Theatre on June 22 as part of the Montreal Baroque Festival.

We'll have more coverage of this once-in-a-lifetime event in the coming weeks. For now, check out the indiegogo video and help them out.



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