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Friday Flash For April 6th, 2007

Posted by MP / April 6, 2007

City in chaos!

Boom! Or at least... Bang! A small bomb went off outside the Ben Weider Jewish center late Tuesday night. Nobody was injured and there was no damage done to the building.

Also, two people were injured in a fire that heated up an apartment building in NDG on Wednesday. One hundred people were evacuated and there was minimal damage done to one apartment and a small part of the roof.

Well, OK then, city undergoes minor annoyances and bad weather: chaos narrowly averted.

But miracles abound!

Straight out of the tabloid headlines: A Montreal woman born without ovaries somehow managed to give birth to a baby boy – way back on March 15th. Am I the only person who is frightened by the wonders performed by fertility clinics?

And if that weren't enough, a police officer delivered a baby in a car, on the side of a South Shore road Wednesday morning. Man, if I were in that situation I would have passed out into the drainage ditch, a line of drool stretching from my mouth into the muddy puddle where my face lay – that's if the birth of my daughter is anything to go by.

The baby was kept warm and happy in an old Dunkin' Donuts box the officer found in the back of his cruiser. Zing!


Car shoppers beware! Montreal auto dealers vow to stay closed on weekends! After a slight pressuring from a Pie IX Dodge dealer who (gasp!) started selling cars on Saturdays, members of the Montreal Automobile Dealers Corporation voted to stick to their policy of being closed on weekends. Right on brothers! If we bend to the whim of the people we will leave ourselves open to all kinds of nastiness, like more sales and satisfied customers. Boo!

Further scandal! Remember that video of that guy throwing cigarette butts on that other guy that was all over YouTube recently? Yeah, me neither. Anyway, turns out the whole thing was a hoax. Curses! Fooled by YouTube again!

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