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Friday News Fodder

Posted by Susan / May 18, 2007

20070518_news.jpg Here’s a first that we won’t be lording over other cities: a case of international human trafficking has come to a head in Montreal. The RCMP has arrested a couple for refusing to give an Ethiopian woman access to her travel papers and forcing her to work 24-hour shifts at a home in Laval. It’s the first human trafficking case of this magnitude in Canada.

And in more uplifting news, MacLean’s has fingered Montreal as a “paradise for pedophiles,” citing the recent arrest of Richard Goldberg and the tolerance of locally based child pornography sites and other pro-pedophilia web spaces.

The Tremblay administration has caught enviro-fever, announcing 5.1 million smackers for the development of a greener transit plan for the city. The plan includes tolls on highways to encourage the use of public transit, more carpool lanes, and a monorail to the airport. Things should get rolling in November.

Just in case the Grand Prix isn’t enough action for you, plans are in the works to bring more auto racing to town.

And an event that attracts a very different kind of crowd – Montreal’s Gay Pride parade – will be cancelled this year. Depending on who you talk to, the fault for this lies either with the city, money troubles, greedy merchants, or fickle crowds who ignore the rest of Divers/Cité’s pride festival. If this news distresses you, keep your eyes peeled at the end of June, when a meeting will be convened to try to get the parade back on track by summer 2008.

The Montreal Underground Film Festival kicked off last night with a healthy mix of awesome shorts and some self-indulgence thrown in for good measure. The wackiness continues today and tomorrow at 6029 avenue du Parc.

Alouettes defensive tackle Ed Philion officially announced his retirement today, ending an eight-year CFL career that included Montreal’s Grey Cup victory in 2002.

The president of Acier d’Armature – the company that made and installed the steel bars in the Laval overpass that collapsed last September – testified at the enquiry into the accident yesterday. A bevy of engineers has told the commission that the steel was a major factor in the breakdown of the overpass. Though he admitted that the bars were badly made and improperly placed in the overpass, Robert did not accept responsibility for the collapse.

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