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HumpDay Headlines - May 23, 2007

Posted by Cat / May 23, 2007

20070523_NYPoutine.jpgThe weather's heating up and so is the news from the streets. More than 300 officers from Quebec and New Brunswick's provincial police forces arrested nearly 50 people early this morning in the latest phase of a crackdown on a major drug-trafficking ring that smuggles pot into the U.S. Sureté du Québec Sgt. Chantal Mackels stated that this latest round of arrests would "put a dent in the trafficking of pot here in Quebec."

More from the Ball-Busting Department: Alcan has soundly rejected the Alcoa take-over bid, citing it as "inadequate" and going so far as to point out Alcoa's "strategic challenges" and its weaker stock performance. As a result, the province of Quebec will also bow out of talks with Alcoa.

After the first day of a relatively smooth adjustment to the transit strike, Mayor Tremblay is refusing to give in to the demands of striking transit maintenance workers, stating that "For years, different city administrations have yielded to unions, to give more, always more. This time we will not yield." Tough talk and a sticky situation, given the city's recent announcements of improved and expanded public transportation.

But on a brighter, or at least greener, note, merchants along Mont Royal Avenue in the Plateau are teeming with local politicians to design and implement a "green plan" for the street that would involve a bike-sharing program, sales of reusable tote bags, and setting up a composting initiative for local businesses.

And the warm fuzzies continue in Today's Food Section: Binky Holleran, owner of the floral-scented Fuschia bakery on Duluth will be both expanding her shop and preserving a Montreal commercial landmark in the process. Distressed by the fate which befell such St-Laurent institutions as Simcha's and even Warshaw's, she recently bought the space once occupied by Phillip Gillman's general store (famous for its Planter's Peanuts sign) and will work to maintain the charm and historical integrity of the space. And in other nosh news, Montreal chef Normand Laprise (of Toque) is going hogwild for wild spring produce such as fiddlehead ferns, day lily sprouts, daisy leaves and wild sorrel. New York is going hogwild for poutine. Your burger could go hogwild for lamb or pork. Other chefs, it would seem, are simply going hog.

Photo courtesy of Evan Sung for The New York Times

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