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Monday News - May 28, 2007

Posted by Susan / May 28, 2007

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What’s in a name? According to Gérald Tremblay, a heck of a lot. Following the lead of Gary Lee Weinrib, Goldie Jean Studlendegehawn, and Saul Hudson, Tremblay’s party has shed its clumsy name for something more punchy. Union des citoyens et citoyennes de l’île de Montréal (UCIM) will henceforth be known as Union Montréal. Now that’s star power.

Tremblay has more than one reason to feel all fresh and confident.

At the time of the last news roundup, the metro strike was still crashing along and foiling my plans - but no more. As of Friday evening, the maintenance workers voted to take up their orange vests once more, and Tremblay took the opportunity to effectively say to the unions, “na nana na boo boo.” You would think that with an angry workforce on his hands, the honourable mayor would want to keep the gloating to a minimum, considering that negotiations haven’t been settled yet, but apparently not.

One Quebec politician who isn’t such a good mood is Jean Charest. The PQ and ADQ were not happy with the budget tabled on Thursday, and have threatened to vote against it. If Charest wants to keep his minority government afloat, he’s going to have to eat crow and negotiate some changes. His compromise is off to a rocky start, though: despite being the most contentious part of his fiscal agenda, Charest has said that his proposed tax cut is here to stay.

Unfortunately, so far Quebec’s forest fires are also sticking around. Reports say that 22-25 fires are raging out of control in northern parts of the province. There have been suggestions that arson might be to blame for one of the fires. Crews from out of province are helping to deal with the blazes, and more are on their way.

A conference is in town to discuss the fear of flying. If you don’t have this problem, then you’ll be happy to know that plans are in the works for a wind tunnel to be built in Montreal that will function as a skydiving simulator. Yes, folks, if you just can’t get enough of plummeting through space in a wicked free fall, this attraction is definitely for you.

As far as developments in the mafia are concerned, most of us are busy downloading the latest episodes of The Sopranos (subscribe to the Movie Network just for this? Va fa napole!) and gnashing our teeth about the disastrous events to come. But meanwhile, real-life mobster and so-called Godfather of Montreal, Vito Rizutti was sentenced to 10 years in jail for his role in the 1981 murder of three alleged members of the Bonnano crime family. The New York City judge also ordered Rizutti to pay a fine of US$250,000.

And the Stanley Cup final kicks off tonight with the Ottawa Senators facing the Anaheim Mighty Ducks in California. I’m going to go ahead and call Anaheim as the stupidest team name in the NHL, but I invite your corrections if I’m missing out on a sillier moniker. Now as any Montrealer worth their salt knows, the last time the Stanley Cup landed in Canadian hands was in 1993 when our very own Habs brought it home. After years of crushing disappointments, I’m still behind our Canadiens but at this stage of the game, I’m going to go ahead and root for the Sens to usher Lord Stanley’s pretty prize back to its native soil. However, there has been some question as to whether the rest of Canada is prepared to embrace Ottawa; particularly in Montreal, where the Leafs remain the most odious team in the league but there is no love lost between Habs and Sens fans.

So I’m asking your opinion. As a Montrealer (and presumably a dyed-in-the-wool Habs devotee,) will you be cheering for Ottawa tonight, or washing your hands of the whole sad affair?



John / May 28, 2007 at 02:17 pm
I'm a Habs fan but I'd like to think that I'm mature enough in my fandom to appreciate Ottawa's chances in the finals.

I'm just happy to see a Canadian team, and one that I kind of like, with a real chance of winning the Cup and if it can't be our guys, then Ottawa is who I want to see win it. There is a real rivalry between Montreal and Ottawa but there is nowhere near the viciousness that exists between here and Toronto.

So yeah, Go Sens!
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