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Monday's Media Morsels - May 14

Posted by Hannah / May 14, 2007

20070514_news.jpgA couple of Concordia students have put podcast to fibre-optic internet cables and produced Project 55, an oral history of the Main told by immigrants and first generation Montrealers. Brilliant, really.

Just in case you missed it over the weekend, Duceppe has dropped out of the leadership race, effectively canceling the event. Best quote from the story?

"Surprised? My arms fell off," said former Bloc MP Richard Marceau, chuckling. "I was really surprised."

Is this a Quebecois expression? "My arms fell off?" Who knew?

When the scientists pull out their pens, you know things are gonna get ugly. The Harper government is going to get an earful today, when a letter from 1,500 scientists from around the world arrives in the mail. After flicking through the junk mail, the magazine subscription renewal notices, and perusing the latest IKEA catalog, he'll find that these tree-lovers want more than 10 percent of the Boreal Forest, a swath of carbon-sucking timber stretching from Alaska to Newfoundland, protected.



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