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NewsThing! Wednesday, May 30

Posted by John / May 30, 2007

20070530_graffiti.jpgUnsurprisingly, much news today is being devoted to a report revealing that the No side illegally spent $539,460 on the 1995 referendum campaign. Less than the $3.5 million that some suggested, but still an amount that could definitively stir (or be manipulated to stir) the electorate to turf a minority government trailing in the latest polls.

If you're frustrated by the re-appearance in the news of that contentious referendum, or by the continuing impasse in Quebec City over the budget, don't crumple up our newspaper in disgust and throw it on the pavement. Now that's a terrible segue, but now that I'm here, let's note that Friday will mark the arrival of Ville-Marie's beefed-up garbage patrol, out to target messiness downtown. Nice work, Ville-Marie! Let's get the streets and sidewalks around the peep shows, strip clubs and head shops sparkling clean.

In other news:

The city has been unable to adhere to the water system maintenance plan it set for itself four years ago, spending $100 million every year instead of $200 million to upgrade mains and networks. The city blames the provincial and federal governments. Shocking!

If you recently flew from Prague to Montreal, one of your fellow passengers may have shared more than just boring stories about his trip.

Sigh. This all seems so depressing. Fortunately, for sorrow-drowning purposes, the Mondial de la bière begins today.

Photo of by MP Flickr pool member karenhr.

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